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CS:GO: How to Fix the Negev

What does "limited time" mean, anyway?
The Negev is a gun unlike any other in CS:GO. In the world of fast-firing machine guns, it's unmatched, with the 800 RPM beast greeting anyone within range with 350 bullets of 5.56mm death. While never particularly popular, the unique nature of the Negev has always cemented it as something of a cult favourite within the game. But, on March 24 2017, the Negev changed. Valve reworked the gun from being an absurdly priced but formidable weapon, to a far cheaper but also far less useful option. In this article, I'll explain why the changes have been a failure, and what Valve needs to do to fix this iconic gun.

The changes

According to the Counter-Strike Wiki, the Negev was changed to “promote suppressive fire”, which included a “reduced price”, from $5700 down to $2000, and “new sounds that dynamically indicate weapon accuracy,” which basically means it sounds a bit different The changes made to “promote suppressive fire” mean that the gun is now “extremely inaccurate on its first 15 shots” which also means “very high initial spread.” Once the first 15 shots are fired, the Negev turns into a laser rifle with pinpoint accuracy. Another big drawback is that the gun takes six whole seconds to reload. Now originally, this changed version of the gun was meant to be in competitive “for a limited time” only. But, as we all know, “limited time” basically means whenever they remember to take it down, as further proven by the Team Fortress 2 “Mann Co. Store promotion items” which were meant to also be “limited time only” but have been going strong since 2010.

Why they didn't work

To the untrained eye, a.k.a to someone who doesn’t play the game or know much about it, a fully automatic, 800 RPM machine gun for only $2000 would be insanely overpowered. Well, yes and no. Given that the gun is only accurate after the first 15 bullets, this essentially turns it into something that’s only usable if you know the enemies are rushing from around a corner. Otherwise, it’s useless, as if an enemy quick peeks around a corner, he will kill you ages before your first 15 shots are over. Even with its pinpoint accuracy, it's extremely easy to counter. Since it has to be spun up, enemy players always know where the player holding it is before the gun becomes accurate. Thus, a quick flash or smoke peek with an AWP or really any weapons that kill in one headshot will eliminate any Negev on the defense either while the gun is firing its first 15 shots or while the player is in the six second reload period. A really quick player could peek and kill the Negev even while it’s accurate if they are fast enough to not allow it to do too much damage and do not get hit by its insta-headshot kill. If you do manage to take down someone, chances are you will need to reload extremely soon after. That’s where the other downside of the Negev comes into play: the six second reload time. While you’re busy reloading this hunk of gun, the enemy team have time to kill you, drink a coffee and watch the entire Godfather trilogy!

The solution

If I were a Valve dev working on CS:GO, I would completely reverse any changes made to the Negev and bring it back to its original state. There was nothing wrong with having a $5700 machine gun that could wipe out an entire team if in the hands of someone skilled enough. As it stands, the Negev is a very niche gun which, even for $2000, is not worth the risk. Having to wait for the first 15 bullets to fire before it’s actually accurate makes this a gun that you just can’t use in the tight situations that CS:GO puts you in, where even a split second could cost you the entire round.