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CS:GO: Let's look at the 5 best AK-47 Skins

Aesthetics are important.
It might not help you hit more headshots, but your weapon skin says a lot about you. Got an AWP Dragon Lore? Everyone knows you have more money than sense (or that you are incredibly lucky). Safari Mesh AK? Eww. That’s worse than having no skin at all. The middle ground is a mine field, though. Luckily, we’re here to help you find your way between the garish tat and the plain old boring. We've discussed the best M4A4 Skins already. This is now time for our list of the top five AK-47 skins in CS:GO. Table of Contents

5- Fire Serpent 4- Neon Revolution 3- The Empress 2- Reveal 1- Reveal


5 - Fire Serpent - CS:GO

With the exception of certain Case Hardened patterns, the Fire Serpent is the most expensive AK-47 skin available. The price tag is largely due to the difficulty of acquiring one of these in the wild, but this cute little monster certainly looks the part too. It’s a bit too busy-looking for my own tastes, but some of the features are delightful. Look at its adorable little face!

Neon Revolution - CS:GO

The most polarising skin on this list, the Neon Revolution is nothing if not unique. Its clashing pink and green tones are garish remind me of The Pack from Fallout 4’s Nuka World DLC and it’s no accident. The punk aesthetic is very much deliberate -- and it works. The DIY aesthetic means that even the lowest float Battle Scarred version of this skin looks much the same as a Factory New. Love it or hate it, the Neon Revolution certainly stands out.

The Empress - CS:GO

As the newest addition to the AK-47 catalogue, The Empress’ appearance certainly matches its title. Gold and red are surrounded by a starry dark blue night, giving off a regal vibe. This skin is very popular, and, though I find it a little garish, who am I to argue with the public? It has a price tag to match its demand, but that will serve to show the matchmaking peasants how much better you are than them. After all, why call a skin The Empress if it’s not going to be expensive?

2- Vulcan - CSGO

Finally, we have something a little more sensible. The Vulcan is the most straightforward, no-nonsense skin on this list. Designed to look like rubber, it eschews the bright pinks and garish golds of previous entries, opting for a pale blue and white pattern that stands out against a dark grey background. When everything else is loud, sometimes the best way to stand out is by staying quiet.

1- Fuel Injector - CSGO

This is one of my favourite skins in the game. The Fuel Injector takes the simplicity we loved on the Vulcan and adds a dash of bold yellow. You hardly even notice the engine patterning on the magazine until you zoom in. The stark contrast between yellow and dark grey pulls your eyes in and the detailing keeps them looking. Better yet, if you like stickers, the Fuel Injector is a great place to put them thanks to its relatively monotone stock. If, like me, you prefer to keep it simple, the Fuel Injector looks gorgeous by itself.