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CS:GO Pro Players Debate New Feature in Competitive Play

In a recent major update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valve added the new feature '+cl_show_equipment'. The command allows players to see the weaponry and equipment that teammates are using, as well as their location on the map. It is almost unanimous that the general playerbase is delighted with the addition, but the debate over whether it should be used in competitive play rages on. pplsguns

Fabian "Kioshima" Fiey's opinion was soon opposed by Counter-Strike legend, Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund. Though the player didn't give any clear reasoning on Twitter.

RoomOnFire commentator and analyst Jason "Moses" O'Toole recently addressed the new feature in an AMA on Reddit. "On a pro level it would definitely make things easier but I'm hoping it won't be allowed at Pro tournaments." he said, "That's something that should be communicated by players at this level, and it's an aspect of team play that some teams are good at and some teams aren't. I don't want to see them given an extra tool that makes them have an easier time of things." SK Gaming AWPer, captain, and in-game leader Garbiel "Fallen" Toledo seems to have sat on the fence regarding the new addition, appreciating it's value, but also acknowledging how it could be an issue.

ESL and Starladder have already publicly commented that the feature would be disabled for their competitive leagues and tournaments, so it seems as though, at least for the near future, we won't be seeing it used outside of matchmaking. From what we've seen publicly, the majority of players and personalities will be pleased with the decision, but the debate continues about just how much it would effect the pro scene.