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CS:GO Team Primer: G2

The players are stars, but the team lacks cohesion.
Photo courtesy of Starladder

G2 are one of those teams from which you never quite know what to expect. On paper, they have all the elements with which to succeed. Their roster includes multiple star-level talents, highly-capable supportive elements and experienced double Major winners. Sadly, it rarely translates on the server. G2 can either be world-beaters on their day or just meekly capitulate. There is seldom a middle ground with the Frenchmen. In the recent ELEAGUE Boston Major they enjoyed a red-hot streak of form in the qualifier and group stages but bowed out to eventual champions Cloud 9 in the playoffs. This despite being the overwhelming favourites going into that quarter final. More recently, in StarSeries i-League Season 4, they lost in a clean to 2 - 0 to Mousesports in the quarters. Within their ranks, G2 have the greatest AWPer of them all in Kenny “kennyS” Schrub. Unfortunately their force-buy heavy style is also perfectly tailored towards ensuring that kennyS is seldom able to afford the weapon that makes him so deadly. By taking on the burden of in-game leadershop, Richard “shox” Papillon has also seemingly neutered his once transcendent abilities. Occasionally, G2 are able to revive the slumbering shoxieJESUS and facilitate kennyS correctly, and on those days they are simply unbeatable. It just feels like this happens less often than it once did. With IEM Katowice looming, G2 find themselves in Group B, the easier of the two.Their closest competition will come from Faze Clan. G2 are usually mighty in group stage play and should be able to progress to the playoffs ahead of teams like North, NIP, Fnatic and Heroic. Once there, if they are able to reign in their French force-buying habits, they could put on a strong challenge. In true enigmatic G2 style, we are just as likely to see another weak quarter final exit as a domineering run to the grand final.