CS:GO: The Top 5 M4A1-S Skins

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CS:GO: The Top 5 M4A1-S Skins

The M4A1-S may be the less popular of the Colt twins, play-wise, but it certainly has a wider selection of skins. The A1 has more than just quantity, though, it has quality to boot. Some of the best skins in the entire game are A1 skins. Maybe it’s the cool shape, with that long, slender silencer, that inspires Workshop artists. Who knows? Of all the weapons in CS:GO, the A1’s catalogue was the hardest to narrow down to just five but here we are.

5 – Hot Rod

M4A1 Hot Rod

Simple but effective, this glossy red number is quite unique. Completely monotone, the shiny red finish manages to be both simple and bold at the same time. There is no patterning here at all; nothing noteworthy except for the colour, and yet it works. In a world filled with Hyper Beasts and Master Pieces, the Hot Rod says “screw it, I’m shiny and red: love me.” We do, Hot Rod, we do.

4 – Chantico’s Fire

M4A1 Chantico

Chantico’s Fire might also be red, but it is anything but simple. The bright yellow outlines are what really stands out here, but if you look close you will see some lovely Aztec-inspired details. The Fire definitely stands out, which almost works against it: it’s a shame that most people probably won’t even notice the niceties hiding just beneath the bright red and yellow surface.

3 – Golden Coil


The Golden Coil is a perfect follow-up to number four. It’s yellow, sure, but it also features some love detail that goes unnoticed at first glance. With the Coil, though, the gold/black contrast actually draws your eye in and encourages you to look a little closer. The fish on the main body of the gun are beautiful, but my favourite part is the subtle scale pattern on the silencer.

2 – Icarus Fell

M4A1 Icarus

This was very close to being number one on the list, but in the end I decided it was a little too subtle. Did you even notice that the main area of pale blue on the gun’s body is the sun to which the eponymous Icarus flew to close? I didn’t till I started researching this article and it’s not as if the skin is new. Like the Hot Rod, it’s the colours here that really set the skin apart. There are plenty of blue M4 skins, but none with this delightful contrast.

1 – Mecha Industries

M4A1 Mecha

I chose my nickname many years ago based on my love for Gundam Wing. Although I grew out of that a long time ago, a skin inspired by mecha was always going to be high on my list. Luckily, the Mecha Industries is actually really pretty. There are so few white skins in CS:GO and that alone makes this skin quite unique. It does mean that the lower wear versions of this start to look quite dirty, but none of the design’s detail is lost, so, if you like that retro, used look, a cheap Battle Scarred version is perfect for you. On top of that, the Stattrak counter fits perfectly with the Mecha. This skin changes so much, depending on wear, stickers and Stattrak that it almost warrants multiple entries. From the shiny white Factory New hotness to the battered, second-hand chic of a Battle-Scarred Stattrak, the Mecha Industries has it all.