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ELeague To Host First CS:GO Major Of 2017

Turner Broadcasting continues to expand and push its ELeague brand of eSports competitions by announcing that it will host the first CS:GO Major of the new year. The Major, which will offer $1 million in prizes, is set to take place between 22-29 January 2017, and will feature 16 of the best CS:GO teams as they battle it out for first-place. The top 8 from the previous CS:GO Major - at ESL One Cologne - will automatically receive invites to attend ELeague's Major. These teams are: SK Gaming, Team Liquid, Virtus.pro, Fnatic, Astralis, FlipSid3 Tactics, Natus Vincere and Gambit Esports. The remaining eight will be chosen from a Major Qualifier that will be hosted between 15 and 18 December 2016. The Major itself will take place at Turner Studios in Atlanta, while the finals itself will be hosted in the Fox Theatre in Atlanta and - naturally - will be aired live on TBS. This is the first one-off tournament that Turner Broadcasting has hosted, following on from its CS:GO Season 1 league and the Overwatch Open league, the finals of which are taking place now. A second season for ELeague's CS:GO competition is also set to take place this October, and though it is shorter than the previous season is expected to draw in an even bigger viewership than before. You can buy tickets for ELeague's CS:GO Major in Atlanta now.