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ESL Announce IEM Sydney, Featuring $200,000 prize pool

ESL have announced that the Intel Extreme Masters is headed to Sydney, Australia. The tournament will feature a $200,000 prize pool, and will take place on May 6-7 this year.The Qudos Bank Arena, which has played host to the Tennis ATP World Tour Finals, Madonna, and Katy Perry, has a capacity of over 21,000. This, combined with the prize pool, makes this the largest esports event ever in Australia.Two teams have already received invites to the May event. The Australian Renegades will be representing as the home favourites, while two-time major champions SK Gaming will also be in attendance. Six more teams will be included in the spectacle, but it has not yet been revealed whether they will be invited, or decided through qualifiers.The exact schedule and format for the event has not yet been revealed.