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FaceIt announce ECS Season 3 plans

The ECS Counter-Strike League finals will be headed to Wembley Arena once again in what may very well be the biggest esports event in the United Kingdom in 2017.The top teams from Europe and North America will descend on London over the weekend of June 25, battling for the ECS trophy as well as £1.5 million in prize pool and participation fees. Tickets for the event go on sale today and are available https://wembley.csgoleague.com/This isn’t the first time the London based company has been to Wembley Arena. ECS Season one also took place at the arena, which lies right next to Wembley Stadium, home of the England National Football team. G2 Esports came away with the victory on that occasion, back in June 2016.“After an epic finals in Southern California in Season two, we’re looking forward to hosting Europe’s esports fans for the culmination of ECS Season 3” said FaceIt Co-founder Michele Attisani.FaceIt will also be partnering with Genius Sports, a sports based Australian statistics and analytics company. Genius have worked with various professional football leagues across Europe, and will be brought to the ECS league for it’s launch on April 15.FaceIt announced that the new software would not only enhance the viewing experience with faster and more useful statistics, but could also help combat possible match fixing, something that has dogged the Counter-Strike scene for years.Betting activity across multiple sites will be monitored by the company, to identify any unusual betting patterns that are often synonymous with fixed matches. “We are incredibly excited to partner with FaceIt and ECS with our groundbreaking esports technology to help increase fan engagement” said Genius Sports CEO Mark Locke, “As well as helping ensure players and fans are treated to a fair and transparent game, and ECS league representatives are equipped with information and tools necessary to maintain a clean, honest, and exhilarating contest”Despite the finals being hosted in London, the online portion of the league will be produced from Santa Ana, California. Esports Arena have partnered with the league to house the ECS production and commentary crew for the duration of the league. As well as hinting at possible events with some North American ECS teams, such as meet and greets, production tours, and fan matches.