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Fnatic & Na'Vi Make It To CS:GO's ELeague Semifinals

It was an exciting night for CS:GO's ELeague as the quarterfinals of the playoffs kicked off in earnest, with two games - one pitting Fnatic against Team EnVyUs and the other featuring Natus Vincere against Cloud9. The first game went pretty smoothly for Fnatic, who ended up winning the set 2-0. The first map, on Cobble, gave Fnatic an early lead as they took the initial pistol round - finishing the first half with a decent lead over EnVyUs before finishing with a total of 16-13. EnVyUs certainly put up a fight, especially thanks to the team's rifler Happy who managed to keep nV in the game up until the last moments. The second map, on Dust 2, begin with a similar pattern, though EnVyUs quickly managed to recuperate and build up an initial lead. Fnatic soon recovered, however, and after trailing 3-7 managed to pull it back up to 8-7 to take the first half. After that EnVyUs failed to really bring it back, failing to win any more rounds until Fnatic won 16-7 - taking them to the semifinals. The Na'Vi and Cloud9 match was a little more tense, with an intense first map on Overpass that showed no clear winner early on. The first half went 7-8 to Cloud9, the second going 8-7 to Na'Vi and pushing the game into Overtime - at which point Na'Vi managed to clutch 4 straight rounds in a round to win the map. The following map, on Dust 2, followed a similar pattern with Cloud9 taking the first half at 7-8 - a close victory - but the second half was a different story. Cloud9 managed to take it 2-8, dominating Na'Vi and looking like it might have found the form it needed to take the entire match. Cloud9 took the map to make it one each. A 6-9 victory on the first half of the third map gave Cloud9 an edge, but it was the final round where drama really struck as Na'Vi unbolted whatever it was that was holding them back, taking the second half with a confident 10-5 victory and taking the match. Fnatic and Na'Vi will now take each other on in the semifinals, in the meantime we've the second set of quarterfinals later today with Astralis against Mousesports and Virtus.pro battling Ninjas in Pyjamas - keep an eye on Ginx eSports TV for the latest details of the tournament.