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Luminosity Buys Back Into CS:GO

LG have returned to CS:GO after losing their roster to SK Gaming during the Turner ELEAGUE. Despite rumours that the org were looking to pick up the ex-Renegades lineup, they’re staying true to their faith in new Brazilian talent. The players of WinOut.net will be donning the LG colours in upcoming tournaments.

Luminosity's new roster includes: Vinicios ‘PKL’ Coelho Lucas ‘destinyy’ Bullo Gustavo ‘yeL’ Knittel Bruno ‘bit’ Lima Renato ‘nak’ Nakano Alessandro ‘Apoka’ Marcucci - Coach Luminosity has history with nak, Renato having been coach for their previous lineup before being later replaced by zews. Alongside bit, he’s a long-term veteran with roots in the 1.6 scene, and with WinOut’s recent performances considered, this new lineup represents some of Brazil’s real rising stars. That said, despite wins in local events, this is a roster yet to prove itself in major tournaments, and whether the team can be shaped into an international contender is entirely up for debate. This marks the latest in a string of recent roster upsets for the CS:GO community, as continuing debates over working conditions, pay and contract terms have seen players shifting rapidly. No eSport is immune to the volatility of pro gaming, and we’re among many in hoping that this year sees lineups become less fluid. To recap on the last month of tweaks then; Luminosity’s previous lineup, led by FalleN, departed en masse for SK Gaming. SK Gaming’s roster at the time departed, tweaked their lineup, and tried to re-enter the eLeague as Team X. Now: Old Luminosity is SK, Old SK is Team X, and WinOut are new Luminosity. We’ll update you further when our head’s stopped spinning.