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Mountain Dew League To Give Amateurs A Shot At Pro CS:GO

ESL, ESEA and Mountain Dew have teamed up to create a league that aims to give amateur CS:GO team's a chance to make it into the big league. Named the Mountain Dew League, teams taking part will face off against one another for eight weeks until the teams that come out on top seek overall victory in the Mountain Dew Champion. This all begins on the 27 and 28 August with the Last Chance Qualifier, where 7,400 teams will try to rise to the top so as to make it into the League proper. Only 24 teams will make it into the League, but after eight weeks of intense CS:GO matches - the stakes are high, after all - one team will be given a place in ESL's CS:GO Pro League. This is certainly an interesting idea, and implements a concept of league promotion not unlike what we see in league football. Perhaps this is the start of integrated leagues with promotions, relegations and playoffs? "MDL provides a unique opportunity for aspiring professional gamers to realize their dreams on a global stage," said Craig Levine, CEO of ESL America in the press release. "With the popularity of eSports exploding, we’re excited to partner with MTN DEW and find the next generation of Counter-Strike superstars." Mountain Dew won't just be attaching the brand's name to the league, though. It will be providing competitors with "tools and training", which it suggests is access to online tutorials and pro coaches. Meanwhile, fans will be able to watch the various matches - presumably the League and Championship matches only - via Twitch and behind-the-scenes videos, as well as real-time stat tracking via ESEA. If you're part of an amateur team - or might be considering forming one - then you'll need to head over to official CS:GO Mountain Dew League website to view the rules and get ready for sign ups.