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Optic part ways with CS:GO coach

Optic Gaming have removed CS:GO coach Luis "Peacemaker" Tadeu from the organization, they announced in a Youtube video last night. Peacemaker had been on a trial period since February, however the team decided he wasn't the right fit for them after poor results over that time period. Peacemaker joined Optic after leaving NRG Esports late last year. He arrived along with former Cloud9 player Spencer "Hiko" Martin, to try and fill the spot left by former in-game leader Peter "Stanislaw" Jarguz, who made the switch from Optic to Team Liquid. Results haven't been good for the side during this trial period, and now both Hiko and Peacemaker have left the side. Optic fell out of the group stage at Dreamhack Las Vegas with just one win under their belt, but failed to pick up a single map victory in five matches at the following IEM Katowice tournament, again dropping in the group stage. Peacemaker made a statement via Twitlonger regarding his departure from the team. "After losing stanislaw the team lost leadership/guidance and together with that a lot of losses and internal problems started to happen" He said, "we tried to handle all this the best way we could but with all the rumours regarding mixwell/rush leaving to Liquid I felt like the team completely lost motivation to keep working in a way where we barely practiced after Katowice" "I have a very particular way of coaching my teams and I may not be the best when it comes to dealing with a lot of problems but I have my own system of working and a way of dealing with the players that did work very good in my past teams but unfortunately in this moment it didnt work with OpTic." Peacemaker's future plans are as yet unknown, though he did reveal that his first movement would be to head back to Brazil to spend some time with his family. As it stands, Optic Gaming have just over a month to work on their lineup and coaching troubles, though they will be in action in various online leagues, their next LAN appearance is set to be the cs_summit event in Los Angeles, starting April 19.