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SK Gaming & Luminosity Booted From CS:GO's ELeague

And so it's come to this. SK Gaming and Luminosity's CS:GO teams have been disqualified from ELeague because of their roster changes that are a breach of ELeague's rules. This is a result of the contract feud that occurred between SK Gaming and Luminosity, where the former is said to have poached the Brazilian Luminosity team even though the squad was set to sign once more for Luminosity. It's a well-known dispute at this point between lead to the previous Danish squad of SK Gaming players being dropped in favour for the new roster. ELeague commissioner Min-Sik Ko revealed that the current and former squads for SK Gaming are now disqualified from competing in the tournament due to their roster changes.

According to ELeague rules, the rosters for every competing team must be detailed before the tournament begins and since these two teams have been swapping around they are no longer allowed to compete. But not only that, ESPN reported that many of the other teams in the ELeague tournament signed a petition to have SK Gaming disqualified because - as they feel - the team is getting an unfair second chance at the event. With the current SK Gaming team and the former lineup - who was playing as an adjusted squad under the name of Team X - now excluded from the ELeague, Cloud9 has been given SK Gaming's spot in the tournament due to its runner-up position in the group stage. In addition to this Renegades and Gambit Gaming have been given a spot in the last chance playoff bracket to replace Cloud9, who has now automatically qualified for the playoffs. This is the climax of quite a controversial situation and ELeague should be commended for taking action against SK Gaming. Though the contract matter was resolved - with the Brazilian LG squad heading over to SK Gaming officially - it was a dirty business that should not have taken place.