The 8 best plays from last week's ECS Season 5 Finals

The 8 best plays from last week's ECS Season 5 Finals

Last week we watched ECS Season 5 conclude in spectacular style with live finals at the SSE Arena in Wembley, London. Eight teams gathered there after a hard-fought campaign in the online league, including the on-form Danish side Astralis . Joining them were G2, Fnatic, NRG Esports, Cloud9, Team Liquid, Luminosity Gaming and, of course, the ever-present FaZe Clan. It was Astralis who ended up winning – and in dominant fashion, not losing a single series over the course of the entire tournament. But this event was about more than just them. We saw countless top-level plays at Wembley, and not just from the favourites. Here are eight of the best.

Shox still has it

The Frenchman halts Luminosity Gaming’s plans almost single-handedly in his return to competitive play.

Twistzz Ace

The young star shuts down NRG to add to their outstanding lead.

Cromen’s Clinic

The sub continues to impress with this solid anchoring of the inner bombsite.

Tarik’s sharpshooting cements Cloud 9’s lead

The newly appointed in-game leader keeps his cool, taking out his enemies with precise aim.

Steel puts an end to G2’s plan

The Brazilian man, who is often the unsung hero of his teams for his selfless playstyle, earns LG their third round.

Taco clutches up to keep Liquid’s dream alive

The Brazilian pulls off a one versus two to narrow Astralis' lead even further.

gla1ve gambles

The Danish in-game leader outsmarts FaZe and secures a 3k round to extend their lead.

Twistzz brilliance shines through

The young rifler shows once again why he is one of the scenes' hottest prospects with this well-taken clutch.