These are our 9 favourite CS:GO skins

These are our 9 favourite CS:GO skins

Taste is subjective, right? That has to be the reason CS:GO has hundred of weapon skins available in-game. People like different things, everyone has their own unique preferences, no one opinion is the correct one. Wrong. If the internet has taught us anything, it's that there is nothing that cannot be ranked into an incontrovertible list. And CS:GO skins are no exception. Here's our ranking of the best ones in the game:

CZ-75 Auto Nitro

For such a ubiquitous pistol, the CZ-75 really doesn’t have a lot of pretty skins. This black/orange number is actually one of the subtler ones, and that’s why it made the list: the CZ is so small that more intricate designs just don’t really work. The Nitro keeps it simple. Two colours, opposite ends of the spectrum, job’s a good’un. MAG7 Heat. CZ 75 Auto Nitro Of all the shotguns in CS:GO, the Swag Seven is one of the few that gets any serious play. Its one-shot potential up close makes it a solid option for skint CTs holding close positions. and it’s also the shotgun with the coolest skin. The Heat is an imagining of what a gun created in a forge might look like, which explains the bright orange. Bonus points for matching up perfectly with a Stattrak counter, to keep track of how many enemies you’ve tilted by one-shotting them.

Desert Eagle Blaze

Deagle blaze

This may look like it was dreamed up by a 13 year old boy (fire is cool!) but that’s all part of the fun. The Blaze is silly, but it works. The fact that Deagle God Niko uses this skin helps to make it a popular pick, despite being one of the more expensive skins available for the weapon.

P250 Fanklin (feat Thug Life Sticker)

P250 Fanklin

By itself, the P250 Fanklin is an okay skin. It’s affordable, ironically, and quite a clever idea, but it doesn’t look particular special from a distance. Stick a Thug Life sticker on it, though, and suddenly you have yourself a theme. There are prettier skins for the P250, but none of them have the same character as this pairing.

USP-S Kill Confirmed

USP S Kill Confirmed

It was hard not to put the Neo-Noir here, but I promised myself I wouldn’t include multiple skins from the same family. Luckily, Kill Confirmed is a very close second anyway. Intricately detailed, with an original illustration that really suits the headshots-only shooting style of the USP-S, Kill Confirmed is very on-theme, and we like themes.

Galil Cerberus

Galil Cerberus

The Galil doesn’t get a lot of love in high tier play, but the Cerberus is one of the prettiest skins in the entire game. Like the Orion, it features bright colours on a black background, but here we have a clear illustration of the titular three-headed dog. It’s a pity this skin isn’t on a more popular weapon so you would see it more often. Glock Fade Did someone mention bright, bold colours? Fade skins might make you think of knives, but the Glock might just be prettier than all of them. It comes with a hefty price tag, due to being nigh impossible to obtain outside of skin-trading sites. It only drops from The Assault Collection – a map which has never seen competitive play, so there aren’t even souvenir versions available. Still, the Glock Fade is very, very pretty if you can get your hands on it.


AWP Boom

Look, what can I say? I’m a sucker for orange. Things don’t get much more orange than the AWP BOOM, despite the black comic book lines. Yep, look closely and you’ll find a custom-drawn comic strip all over this thing. If you’re going to pay this amount of money for what is basically a fancy JPEG, you’re going to want to stand out. The BOOM definitely stands out.

M4A4 Neo-Noir

M4A4 Neo Noir

Added in the most recent case, the Neo Noir has quickly become one of the most popular skins for the most used CT rifle. With a similar palette to its USP-S cousin, the image is different and makes use of the larger surface area afforded by the rifle. Both are beautiful, evoking the movie genre the skin is named after. This is a very unique skin and is sought after for good reason.

AK-47 Fuel Injector

AK 47 Fuel Injector

While the Neo-Noir is on the list for its subtlety and its unique palette, the AK-47 Fuel Injector is anything but subtle. A bold yellow in colour, this beauty is easy to spot among the corpses of an enemy team. You’ll never accidentally pick up a fallen Galil instead of an AK if your opponents are sporting one of these. But the bright yellow draws attention away from the intricate engine patterning on the darker parts of the gun, which give it its name. Whether you notice the details or not, this skins is one of the best.

M4A1-S Mecha Industries

M4a1 Mecha Industries

The Mecha Industries is unique in being gorgeous at every level of wear, for different reasons. Battle Scarred really adds to the retro feel of the skin, while Factory New lives up to billing, looking wonderfully shiny and polished. A Stattrak counter really fits nicely with either aesthetic and is worth springing the extra cash for if you can afford to do so.