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Virtus Pro Wins DreamHack Bucharest's CS:GO Event

Continuing on from its historic victory at ELeague's Season One finals, Virtus Pro has once again proven that it's a team that should not be overlooked having gone on to win at DreamHack Bucharest. Having topped Group A with wins in its two matches against Gambit and Heroic, Virtus Pro - alongside Team EnVyUs - was promoted into the knockout stage with the winners of Group B, Team Dignitas and Cloud9. Of the four teams in the semifinals, Virtus Pro were perhaps the most unlikely, on paper, to win, despite the team's phenomenal victory at this year's ELeague. That same victorious squad showed up, however, and put its competition to bed quite ably. It was the semifinal match that held the biggest resistance to what was otherwise a confident display by VP, with Dignitas managing to secure a victory in the second game of the series and stalling it out over the full three matches of the tournament. It was a tough but strong start for Virtus Pro in the grand finals against Cloud9. VP lost both pistol rounds but still took an early lead by the first half on Train, leading 12-3 by the switch before ultimately winning the first map 16-9. Cloud9 had the stronger start on the second map - Cobble - taking a close lead 9-6. The second half was a different story, however, with a dominant Virtus Pro preventing a single round win for C9 going on to win 10 rounds in a row and take the game with another 16-9 victory. Having won the DreamHack Bucharest CS:GO event, Virtus Pro has claimed itself $50,000 in winnings and proven, once again, that it is still a team to be reckoned with. In between this victory and its first-place at ELeague, however, VP also attended the recent StarSeries Season 2 - which was won by long-running CS:GO team Ninjas In Pyjamas - but failed to win a single match in the group stage and was, ultimately, knocked out of the tournament at the very first hurdle. Whether Virtus Pro was looking to prove something at DreamHack Bucharest or not we'll never know, but all eyes will be on this strong team at its next competition.