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Yam steps down from Renegades

Australian Counter-Strike player Yaman "Yam" Ergenekon has stepped down from the Renegades starting lineup, he announced on Twitter last night.

The organization confirmed that his departure was due to "personal reasons" and that "team management supports him during this time." The exact reason is unknown, however Yam stated that he would explain everything "in a few days". In the meantime, Renegades will be using former Complexity player Mitchell "Uber" Stapells as a stand-in, as well as their recent Swedish trial member Simon "Atter" Atterstam. These problems come at a less than ideal time for the team, who is set to compete at IEM Sydney, the first premier tournament on their home turf, in just over a month. Fans will be hoping that the side can nail down their final two starting players soon, so they can get some preparation in for the tournament. photo credit - Dreamhack/Adela Sznajder