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Blizzard Shuts Down Diablo 4 Beta Rumors

Here's the news on Blizzard shutting down the recent rumor's surrounding a possible Diablo 4 Beta release.
Blizzard Shuts Down Diablo 4 Beta Rumors

If you are one of the many expectant fans hoping to see a beta for Diablo 4 with the recent rumor floating around of its release, then sadly Blizzard has some bad news for you. The main staff at Blizzard has released a message putting these rumors to rest, and we have the scoop for you.

If you want to know more about Blizzard shutting down these Diablo 4 beta rumors, then keep reading. As we cover everything you need to know about Blizzard addressing this rumor and when you can expect an actual release of the Beta for Diablo 4.

Blizzard Shuts Down Diablo 4 Beta Rumors

Blizzard Shuts Down Diablo 4 Beta Rumors possible rumors spread on Battle.net put to rest.
Blizzard has put the rumors of a Beta releasing on Battle.net to rest. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

Fans got very excited very quickly at the rumor of a possible Diablo 4 Beta that appeared on the Battle.net launcher just recently. It is understandable since the game is only set to release in 2023 with no set date as of yet, so having a Beta to mess around with would be a great treat for lovers of the franchise worldwide.

Not only that, but a Beta release would be a great indicator of how far away the game is from a full release. But sadly, Blizzard has crushed those speculations and rumors exactly where they stand, with an official tweet from the GM of Diablo that has cleared up the recent rumors and laid them to rest, as heartbreaking as it may be.

His tweet reads as follows: "Hey all, I’m loving all the energy and excitement about a Diablo IV Beta showing up on Battle.net but you should know that this is an internal only test. Sorry! We will have more public testing in the future as we continue down the path to shipping in 2023!"

This, unfortunately, means the game won't be coming anytime soon, and the Beta is likely still a ways off as well, but this doesn't mean all hope is lost. This news is at least a solid sign that the game is confirmed for its release next year, and you still have time to pre-register for the Diablo 4 closed beta at the time of writing.

Diablo 4 release 2023
We're hopeful that the Beta will release soon and that the game stays on track for its release in 2023. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

While Blizzard is facing quite a bit of controversy at the moment, with Diablo Immortals microtransaction backlash, and allegations of sexual assault rocking the company and pulling them into ongoing legal battles. Hopefully, the company will resolve all matters in the time to come and still deliver on its promise to fans worldwide with the release of Diablo 4.

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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

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