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Best Beast Decks In Marvel Snap

Check out some of the best Beast decks in Marvel Snap to help you reach Infinite!
Best Beast Decks In Marvel Snap

Beast is a beloved character in the Marvel Universe and one of the more popular X-Men. However, for all the physical strength that Beast has, the card in Marvel Snap is anything but a powerful threat. Instead, Beast is a great support card, adept at "saving" cards on the board by returning them to your hand.  On Reveal, Beast will return other friendly cards at this location to your hand and reduce their cost by one. This is great for re-activating On Reveal effects or reducing the cost of cards for late-game combo potential. 

So, if you are ready to start using Beast in Marvel Snap, you've come to the right place. This article will cover the best Beast decks in Marvel Snap, including deck lists, strategies, and more!

Marvel Snap
There are several powerful Beast decks in Marvel Snap. (Picture: Nuverse)

Best Beast Decks In Marvel Snap

The best Beast decks in Marvel Snap are hard to categorize. At the time of writing this, Beast is a very niche card and is seldom seen. However, most Beast decks benefit from bouncing cards back to your hand for whatever reason. This can be to buff cards on the board like The Collector or to re-activate powerful On Reveal effects. 

Standard Bounce Deck

The standard Bounce deck involves using Beast and Falcon to return cards to your hand and re-activate their On Reveal abilities. Additionally, this deck also runs The Collector, meaning every time a card is returned to your hand, The Collector will receive a small buff. Players will want to capitalize on powerful On Reveal abilities like The Hood and Agent 13 while also using Iron Fist to continuously buff Human Torch. 

Standard Bounce Deck List:

Marvel Snap
Beast works great in decks with powerful On Reveal abilities. (Picture: Nuverse)

Darkhawk Deck

Darkhawk decks typically run both Korg and Rock Slide to add rocks to their opponent's deck. Black Widow also clogs up your opponent's hand and prevents them from drawing cards unless they play the useless Widow's Bite onto the field. Beast allows you to repeat these On Reveal effects to power up your Darkhawk. Bishop is also a great inclusion that benefits from having cards repeatedly played.

Darkhawk Deck List:

And these are the best Beast decks in Marvel Snap!

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