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Marvel Snap Hype The Hero Event – Schedule, How To Play & Rewards

Marvel Snap is hyping up its limited-time event, Hype the Hero, as we have the event details, including dates and times, rewards, and more.
Marvel Snap Hype The Hero Event – Schedule, How To Play & Rewards

There's plenty of hype happening in the multiverse as the Power Cosmic season has arrived, bringing forth new character cards, locations, and rewards to Marvel Snap. This also includes a new Season Pass which battling your way through can earn you powerful rewards, including the 3-Cost card, the Silver Surfer.

The season introduced a new limited-time event available now as players hype their favorite characters by using them in battles to collect records and unlock milestone rewards. Here's everything we know about the Hype the Hero event, including the event schedule, how to play, and rewards for Marvel Snap.

11th December 2022 Update: The three days Hero Login Rewards have been distributed to all players who can acquire a Storm Variant Card and 250 Credits. Log in today and claim them from the Snap News Inbox by tapping the newspaper icon on the top right of the screen as they will expire.

Marvel Snap Hype The Hero Event – Event Schedule

marvel snap power cosmic new season hype the hero event details
The new limited-time event, Hype the Hero, coincides with the launch of the Power Cosmic season for Marvel Snap. (Picture: Second Dinner & Nuverse)

The brand new limited-time event, Hype the Hero, comes following the launch of the Power Cosmic season, which began on 2nd December 2022. This event coincides with the release of the game’s themed music video, Hero, by Dutch electronic DJ and producer Martin Garrix and American recording artist JVKE.

The music video highlights several variant Hero cards which can be acquired during the Hype the Hero event. While the developer, Second Dinner, didn't quite explain how the event works, it will conclude on 5th January 2023 at 10:59:59 pm PT / 6th January 2022 at 6:59:59 am UTC.

Marvel Snap Hype The Hero Event – Gameplay Rules

As stated above, Second Dinner could have made things more transparent on how the event works but a quick navigation around the game's Home screen will help you gain some clarity. Players need to locate the "Joining the Show: Hero" web event from the Home screen or by tapping the newspaper icon top left of the screen and find the "Hype the Hero" news article to be directed to the web event page.

This brings you to the event page, which by entering, serves as your entry to the Hype The Hero web event. You are tasked with collecting records which can be done by watching the music video and participating in matches by earning Cosmic Cubes.

marvel snap event guide hype the hero milestone rewards credits gold avatar icon
Earn milestone rewards, including Gold, Credits, and an Avatar Icon, during the Hype the Hero event. (Picture: Second Dinner & Nuverse)

You can get one record per Cosmic Cube, and we know that the maximum of Cosmic Cubes earned for each match is eight, with the total amount of records you can accumulate being eight records. Additionally, certain cards can boost the number of records collected if added to your deck; however, they can only be used for one week.

These are the cards that will double the records collected for the Hype the Hero and their schedule in Marvel Snap:

You can collect a maximum of 100 records daily, which will be added to a HYPE METER seen on the web event page. There are various milestones that you can achieve and, by doing so, unlock various rewards.

Marvel Snap Hype The Hero Event – Rewards

marvel snap event guide hype the hero rewards daily hero login storm variant card credits
You can collect Credits and a Storm variant card as daily Hero Logins. (Picture: Twitter / Marvel Snap)

As mentioned above, you’ll need to contribute records to the HYPE METER to boost its progress and reach certain event milestones. The event is community-driven, so you’ll need to work together to play against other players, collect records and add them to the HYPE METER.

Below we’ve detailed all the event milestones and the rewards you can receive from the Hype the Hero event:

  • 10 million HYPE METER: 100 Gold
  • 20 million HYPE METER: 150 Credits
  • 30 million HYPE METER: 200 Gold
  • 40 million HYPE METER: Storm Avatar icon

Reach these milestones to unlock the rewards you can receive within seven days after the event ends. Additionally, for three days starting 8th December 2022, there are daily Hero Login rewards to collect, including a Storm Variant card and Credits.

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