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Best Sera Decks In Marvel Snap

Here are the best Sera decks you can use to reach Infinite rank in Marvel Snap!
Best Sera Decks In Marvel Snap

Sera is one of the most powerful cards in all of Marvel Snap and arguably one of the best cards to help reach Infinite Rank. Being able to discount your entire hand by one energy enables tons of game-winning combos. Sera can slot into most decks very easily, and when used in conjunction with other cost-reduction cards (like Zabu), things can get even crazier. Being a pool 3 card, Sera will not be unlocked until you reach Collection Level 500. Even then, you may have to open a few Collector's Caches until you are lucky enough to pull her. 

That being said, if you managed to acquire quite possibly the best overall card in the game right away, we've got you covered! This article will cover some of the best Sera decks you can play, whether you have just entered pool 3 or have been swimming in the deep end for quite some time!

Best Sera Decks In Marvel Snap

Sera is a very versatile card and can work as both a combo enabler and as a way to dump more high-cost cards on the board for less energy. Depending on your preferred playstyle, Sera can provide tons of different functionality. Regardless, let's get into some decks!

Early Pool 3 Sera Decks

One of the best early pool 3 Sera decks you can play was recently outlined in a very detailed Reddit thread. This Control Sera Guide goes in-depth about how to play the deck, including correct turn usage, optimal plays, and more. We highly recommend checking out the full guide if you have time, but we will still provide the decklist below.

Control Sera Deck List

A variation of the Control Sera archetype is the Miracle Sera archetype. Like in other card games, the term "Miracle" refers to playing lots of cards at once to overwhelm your opponent. Here is the decklist:

Miracle Sera Deck List

Miracle Sera Deck List (Zabu)

Marvel Snap
Sera's full potential becomes unlocked as you progress through pool 3. (Picture: Nuverse)

Late Pool 3 Sera Decks

Finally, let's talk about some late-game pool 3 Sera decks that players with lots of cards can utilize. These decks aren't necessarily the most accessible or free-to-play friendly, but they can perform very well in the right hands. 

Silver Surfer Sera Deck List

Mister Negative Sera Deck List

And that's all for some of the best Sera decks you can play in Marvel Snap!

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