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The Best Zoo Decks In Marvel Snap (February 2024)

Flood locations with one-cost cards and maximize their power gain with these Ka-Zoo or Zoo decks in Marvel Snap.
The Best Zoo Decks In Marvel Snap (February 2024)
(Picture: Second Dinner / GINX)

Deck archetypes are unique deck types where the cards assembled have unique abilities that work symbiotically and cater to a specific playstyle. Some of the standard deck archetypes, like On Reveal, Ongoing, Destroy, and Discard, are commonly known within the community; however, the Ka-Zoo or Zoo deck has carried players up the ladder due to its streamlined deck-building and helped unlock more powerful cards to synergize with core cards like Ka-Zar.

Due to its flexibility, Zoo decks have continued to evolve, thus making this deck archetype more powerful in helping one-cost cards gain more power efficiently. We've spotlighted some incredibly powerful Ka-Zoo or Zoo decks Snappers can grasp and included some gameplay strategies to utilize in Marvel Snap.

Understanding The Zoo Deck Meta In Marvel Snap

Before delving into what the best Zoo meta decks are, we need to understand what the meta is and how decks are considered "meta" in Marvel Snap. The term "meta" can often be misused within the community, but players still in Pool 1 or 2 shouldn't worry too much about the meta until they begin entering Pool 3 and higher.

The meta game changes almost frequently due to the patch and OTA updates that occur per season, as these updates either buff or nerf cards. Some certain decks and strategies have consistently remained in the meta game due to the effectiveness of cards and strategies employed and have balanced strengths and weaknesses to ensure victory for players.

Players are advised to understand the current meta well, which will help with deck building and invite unique ideas to produce new decks and potential archetypes for victories. Zoo decks typically involve flooding the board with plenty of low-cost cards to overwhelm your opponent; however, more opponents will utilize tech cards like Killmonger to shut down your strategy, but we've got a few decks to avert this problem altogether. 

The Best Marvel Snap Zoo Decks For February 2024

Standard Zoo Deck

marvel snap best decks guide ka-zoo zoo decks february 2024 standard pool 2 zoo
This Pool 2 Standard Zoo deck is flexible enough for players to try out new cards and synergies with Ka-Zar. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

Whether they're starting out in Marvel Snap or looking for a deck to test out with different cards that synergize with each other, this standard deck from TeddyNinja comprises Pool 2 cards that can carry players until they can swap out for more effective or stronger cards. This specific deck features Armor to protect their one-cost cards from Killmonger's crosshairs, but with the addition of Cosmo, it can prevent Killmonger's ability if placed in the same location.

The pairing of Angela and Bishop has long remained core Zoo cards to build up power at a single location or adjacent locations, while Squirrel Girl will maximize Angela and Bishop's power gain, but Mysterio can function similarly. Ant-Man will synergize with Angela and Bishop, although it's possible to swap Angela for Valkyrie to compete with more high-powered cards while reducing their opponent's power similarly.

Iceman and Scorpion will serve as the deck's disruptive cards to either increase their cost or reduce their power if Mobius M. Mobius isn't in their hand or deck. With Elektra and Shang-Chi in the mix to destroy cards that may take location priority, Ka-Zar and Blue Marvel ensure that the one-cost cards gain maximum power while buffing the power of other cards played during the match. 

Thanos Zoo Deck

marvel snap best decks guide ka-zoo zoo decks february 2024 thanos zoo
With Thanos in the picture, players can lay down most of the Infinity Stones once Black Swan is played. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

As February's season is centered around The Black Order, Thanos has found a home within the Zoo meta and has consistently remained within the overall meta, which also features another deck archetype, Ongoing. This updated deck from Marvel Snap content creator DenHearthstone swaps out a few cards for Dazzler and Black Swan, which the latter reduces all one-cost cards cost 0 until the following turn, ensuring players can get most of the Infinity Stones played in a single turn.

Dazzler adds +2 power to every filled location on their side, which synergizes well with Ant-Man and powers a full location by +3 power. High-cost cards like Blue Marvel give all cards +1 power, while Spectrum grants every Ongoing card played at a location +2 power.

Tech cards like Valkyrie will set all cards played at its location to three power, which includes one-cost cards with low power. Iron Lad will copy the text of the top deck in their deck, which includes Ongoing and On Reveal cards, creating some interesting and chaotic gameplay and strategies.

Ongoing Zoo Deck

marvel snap best decks guide ka-zoo zoo decks february 2024 ongoing zoo
Protect the one-cost cards behind Armor or, alternatively, Caiera, if players own this card. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

Speaking of the Ongoing archetype, the Ongoing Zoo from Marvel Snap content creator DenHearthstone is self-explanatory, featuring similar cards from the Thanos Zoo; however, it removes Thanos and Lockjaw from the equation, with Namor and Iron Man finding their way into this deck. As explained previously, hiding the one-cost cards behind Armor prevents counters like Cosmo (for On Reveal cards) and Killmonger, but Caiera is an alternative; however, Enchantress can remove its ability.

Rocket Raccoon is a great way for early power gain at a location and can be safeguarded by Armor or Caiera, especially when paired with Ant-Man, which only gains +3 power when its location is full, and Nightcrawler allows players to move it to any location once. Mister Fantastic will give adjacent locations +2 power, but Ms. Marvel can also work for a similar effect; however, repeated costs won't get the power buff, so keep that in mind.

Namor is an interesting card for this deck as it gains +5 power if it's the only card at that location; however, counters like Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, Goose, Enchantress, and, of course, Shang-Chi can easily negate this card's ability. Ka-Zar will give all one-cost cards +1 power, which is important for cards that need that extra power, and the trio of Blue Marvel, Iron Man, and Spectrum will further lane priority for power, especially for cards like Armor and Nightcrawler that can benefit from it. 

Dracula Ka-Zoo/Ka-Zoocula Deck

marvel snap best decks guide ka-zoo zoo decks february 2024 dracula zoo ka-zoocula
Take a bite out of the competition with this bloodthirsty Ka-Zoocula deck for max power gain and location priority. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

Dracula isn't only bound to Discard decks as it has found some popularity in Zoo decks, even finding its unique sub-archetype, Ka-Zoocula. DenHearthstone's Ka-Zoocula deck adds a few high-powered cards into the mix, like Red Skull and The Infinaut, for Dracula's ability to trigger when the match ends and gain its power.

As always, Armor or Caira can be played to safeguard one and six-cost cards; however, Zero is needed to remove Lizard's ability, which may hinder players from gaining power at a specific location. Sunspot will be one of the core cards to help with power gain, but it does need Armor, so prioritize playing Sunspot with Armor and Cosmo as early as possible.

The addition of Squirrel Girl may help flood locations with two one-power Squirrels; however, Killmonger may eliminate them, which won't be a factor if Caiera is utilized instead of Armor. Ensure that players play their On Reveal one-cost cards before Cosmo, which can be a good idea to play at the exact location with Armor and prevent Enchantress from removing Armor's ability. 

Cull Obsidian Zoo Deck

marvel snap best decks guide ka-zoo zoo decks february 2024 cull obsidian zoo
An early Cull Obsidian deck for players to try is a Cull Zoo deck, but do watch out for the opponent's Shang-Chi. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

With the release of the Cull Obsidian card in Marvel Snap's The Black Order season, this card seemingly works well in Zoo decks due to its ability to be playable only in locations with one-cost cards. Therefore, we've included SafetyBlade's Cull Zoo deck; however, its meta performance is unclear, but it is worth its inclusion for players looking for a Cull Obsidian deck to try out.

Cull Obsidian requires less deck-building because it needs one power cards to be played, which is why it works well with Zoo decks. The counter that Cull Obsidian and any 10+ power cards need to avoid is Shang-Chi, which, since it's buff, now targets cards with ten power and higher and can be protected behind Armor and preventing Shang-Chi from swiping it off the board.

Some of the best cards to play alongside Cull Obsidian and Armor will be Ant-Man to buff a location's power when full and Zabu to lower four-cost cards by one, allowing players to play Cull Obsidian as soon as Turn 3. Another card that can get one-cost cards onto the board is Shanna the She-Devil, which adds one to every location; Black Swan, which all one-cost cards cost 0 until the following turn; and Ka-Zar, giving all one-cost cards +1 Power.

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