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Best Arishem Decks In Marvel Snap

The all-presiding Celestial judge, Arishem, has arrived to Marvel Snap, adding chaos and unpredictability using these decks and key synergies.
Best Arishem Decks In Marvel Snap
(Picture: Second Dinner / GINX)

The Eternals-centric season will close as the final card drop has entered Earth's orbit and landed in Marvel Snap to preside over the Snap community. The Celestial judge, Arishem, will debut in-game, becoming available for players to acquire from the Shop and Spotlight Caches during its release week.

With its all-powerful cosmic abilities to destroy planets, stars, and anything it deems a threat to existence, Arishem will bring much chaos and unpredictability, making it quite hard to determine strategies and countering decks. In this guide, we've explained Arishem's abilities and looked at its key synergies for the best decks to play in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap Arishem Card Abilities Explained

Arishem will be the final card drop release for Marvel Snap's June 2024 season, The Celestials' Finest, which also sees Black Swan and Hercules returning for the week. This gargantuan card will be released in time to judge its potential Snap synergies and decks, thanks partly to its game-changing card ability.

At release, Arishem is confirmed to be a whopping seven-Cost and seven-Energy card with a static card ability to shuffle their deck with 12 randomized cards at the start of the game and give them +1 Energy. Regarding card synergies, Quinjet is already a popular card to pair with Arishem, which reduces card cost by one for cards that didn't start from their deck, which players should note.

As we'll discuss in great length the best decks and key card synergies for Arishem, as for acquiring it, they can use their Spotlight Keys to open Spotlight Caches in the hopes of obtaining the card. Another way is to access the in-game Shop, where the card can be purchased for 6,000 Collector's Tokens if they wish to hold onto their Spotlight Keys.

Best Marvel Snap Arishem Decks: Quinjet And Judgement

Use Arishem to add more cards to their deck and merge them with Blob with this bonkers Quinjet deck. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

As a Celestial, Arishem the Judge boasts extraordinary powers, including destroying planets and stars, and can manifest energy encased within an armored shell towering over the universe. Since it can manifest energy to give players +1 Max Energy at the start of the game and shuffle 12 random cards into their deck, the first synergistic card that comes to mind is, of course, Quinjet.

Especially if players are lucky enough to have the card enter their hand in the early turns, Quinjet can bring down the cost of the 12 random cards added to the deck by one for some pure chaotic plays to be made. If this is the strategy they're looking to employ, then this deck from Marvel Snap content creator SafetyBlade leans into playing Quinjet and allowing them to play cards one turn earlier.

Naturally, another talking point is the Blob vs. Darkhawk conversation and which card best fits within an Arishem deck, as Blob was given priority instead for this deck. Tech cards like Enchantress and Shang-Chi have been slotted to negate any potential counters, and Blue Marvel has been included to buff all cards in play and secure them the W!

Best Marvel Snap Arishem Decks: LokiShem Casino

Roll the dice dealt by Arishem the Judge and hope for a win with this Loki Casino deck. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

Granted, players will be confused by Arishem's ability to shuffle cards into their decks; those random cards don't replace ones already in the deck; they just give them more cards. Aside from Quinjet, they can opt for more chaos by throwing Loki, yes, the God of Mischief, into a deck for a Casino-type deck.

If Arishem adding cards to their deck was insane enough, this deck from Marvel Snap content creator Ankh also features Agent 13, Maria Hill, Agent Coulson, and Valentina to grant players more cards to handle. Snowguard will add Auroras into their hand, Morph will randomly transform into a card in their opponent's deck, and Mockingbird will be discounted for cards that didn't start in their deck (thanks Arishem).

Lastly, if they're unhappy with the cards added to their deck through Arishem's ability, they can play Loki and copy their opponent's hand. Remember that they must have Quinjet in play to reduce the cards' cost further and potentially outplay their opponent's hand once the game ends.

Best Marvel Snap Arishem Decks: High EVShem

Halt any potential counters with Enchantress, Shang-Chi, and Leech, and power up cards with no abilities in this High EV deck. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

One of the biggest counters against Arishem is Darkhawk, which gains power for every card in its deck. Arishem players will see plenty of Darkhawk decks following its release. Darkhawk will only appear around Turn 5, making it impossible to counter unless they withhold Enchantress or Shang-Chi until much later, which is the focal point of this High Evolutionary deck.

Courtesy of Marvel Snap content creator Docty, this High EV/Arishem deck adds another tech card running alongside Enchantress and Shang-Chi in Leech, which removes the text from all On Reveal cards in their hand. This card is significant if their opponent is keeping a tech card for the last turn or perhaps wishes to play Blob if they, too, are running with an Arishem deck and with the extra energy given to them at the start of the game, playing core cards like Leech and Enchantress one turn earlier.

This deck thrives on having extra energy to power up Sunspot and Hulk, discounting She-Hulk's cost and allowing Evolved Cyclops to afflict the opponent's card every turn. Armor will be played to safeguard Sunspot, She-Hulk, and the Hulk, but they do have the option of trading it for Caiera; just ensure not to play Enchantress at its location or risk losing their shield.

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