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Best Electro Decks In Marvel Snap

Here are some of the best Electro decks in Marvel Snap that you can use to reach Infinite!
Best Electro Decks In Marvel Snap

Electro can be both a powerful ally and a massive detriment to a deck in Marvel Snap. Electro has the ability to grant you additional Energy each turn after he is played. However, this comes with the caveat of only being able to play one card per turn so long as Electro remains on the field. Players will need to plan their turns strategically in order to get the most benefit out of Electro, all the while being severely limited in their available options each turn.

So, if you are interested in ramping ahead of your opponent by using Electro, you've come to the right place. This article will cover the best Electro decks in Marvel Snap that you can use to reach Inifinite rank, including deck lists, strategies, and more. 

Best Electro Decks In Marvel Snap

As mentioned, Electro is used to ramp ahead of your opponent. For example, when your opponent is playing a three-cost card on turn three, you will be able to counter this with a four-cost card on the same turn. The only downside to Electro is its Ongoing ability, which limits you to playing only one card per turn. Some decks embrace this downside, by playing one powerful card each turn after Electro comes into play. However, other decks aim to get the benefit from Electro's On Reveal effect before destroying him. 

Standard Electro Ramp Deck

The Standard Electro Ramp Deck is a deck that embraces the negative effects of Electro. Electro Ramp's win condition is to play a big card on turns four, five, and six and hope this is enough to win the game. Cards like Doctor Doom and Aero are great in Electro Ramp, and Odin provides a powerful stat line while activating the effects of your other cards as well. 

Standard Electro Ramp Deck List:

Marvel Snap
Galactus can be used to destroy Electro. (Picture: Nuverse)

Electro + Galactus Deck 

Electro and Galactus go hand in hand. Electro is great at speeding up your Energy acquisition, allowing you to get Galactus onto the field as soon as possible. Then, Galactus' On Reveal effect destroys the other Locations and Electro along with it, thereby removing his limiting Ongoing effect. 

Electro + Galactus Deck List:

And these are the best Electro decks in Marvel Snap.

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