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Best Psylocke In Marvel Snap

These are the best Psylocke decks in Marvel Snap that will help you reach Infinite!
Best Psylocke In Marvel Snap

Psylocke is a very powerful enabler in Marvel Snap. The single energy boost she provides can be helpful at the very least and game-winning at the most. On Reveal, Psylocke supplies you with an extra point of energy the following turn. This is key when trying to get out your core combo pieces as early as possible such as Wong or Mister Negative. 

So, if you are ready to start using Psylocke in Marvel Snap, you've come to the right place. This article will cover the best Psylocke decks in Marvel Snap that you can use to reach Infinite rank! We will break down the best strategies, deck lists, tips, and more!

The Best Psylocke Decks in Marvel Snap 

The best Psylocke decks in Marvel Snap are those that can take advantage of the extra point of energy she provides to the fullest. Playing out a four-cost card one turn earlier will not win you the game in most cases. If you simply want to play powerful cards one turn earlier, you are better off playing Electro. 

Instead, Psylocke works best as a combo enabler. Psylocke can give you that extra point of energy to pull off a massive play on the final turn or help you get combo pieces onto the board one turn earlier. Psylocke is a very versatile card and sees play in a lot of decks, so we will break down some of them here. 

Shenaut Deck

Shenaut decks are still incredibly powerful and a great cube snatcher for opponents who do not know what they are up against. The game plan with this deck is relatively simple. Players will want to control the early game as much as possible with cards like Sunspot and Armor. Then, after using Moon Girl to copy two She-Hulks, you can play Magik to add a seventh turn to the game. By then skipping turn six, it is possible to play double She-Hulk and The Infinaut on the final turn of the game for a massive forty-power play!

Psylocke can be used to get Moon Girl down a turn earlier, or, for the games you don't manage to draw Magik, Psylocke can be played on turn four. By then, floating turn five, you can still play The Infinaut and a single She-Hulk for a thirty-power play. 

Shenaut Deck List:

Combo Decks

Because Psylocke is so versatile, she sees play in a lot of combo decks. She is by no means a staple in any of these decks, but she still provides a nice benefit if you have her. For this reason, there is not one deck that inherently stands out above the other, so feel free to take a look at some of the combo decks that utilize Psylocke.

Galactus Deck List:

And these are the best Psylocke decks in Marvel Snap!

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