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Best Death Decks In Marvel Snap

Here are the best Death decks in Marvel Snap you can use to reach Infinite!
Best Death Decks In Marvel Snap

Death is a powerful card in Marvel Snap that can often be played for zero Energy if given the right support. With twelve power, Death is a tremendous late-game finisher for any destruction-heavy deck. Death is so powerful, in fact, that players will intentionally go out of their way to set up and knock down legions of their own low-cost cards in order to activate her effect more quickly. 

Naturally, Death synergizes incredibly well with cards like Bucky Barnes, Killmonger, and Carnage. Death is very versatile and will slot nicely into any destroy deck without much issue. So, if you want to start using Lady Death on your climb to Infinite, look no further - These are the best Death decks in Marvel Snap!

Best Death Decks In Marvel Snap

As mentioned, Death works well with destruction-heavy decks. However, this does not necessarily mean you are limited to the tried and true Nova, Bucky Barnes, and Deathlok combo. Cards like Squirrel Girl and Killmonger are also great for reducing Death's overall cost. 

Pairing Death with cards like Wave is also one of the most popular combos in the game. This allows you to not only play Death for next to zero Energy, but you can play another powerful card alongside her! Let's look at some of the best Death decks in Marvel Snap!

Death Wave Deck

This is the classic Death Wave setup that has been so popular since its inception. The deck relies on playing standard destroy cards such as Bucky Barnes, Nova, Carnage, and Deathlok in order to achieve dominance in a single lane. This shouldn't be too difficult, considering how powerful Winter Soldier and Carnage can be, especially when buffed by Nova. 

This allows you to play Wave on turn five, discounting your Death to zero for the final turn alongside other powerful finishers like America Chavez. Moon Girl is another greedy option but pays off immensely if you can play two Deaths at once. 

Marvel Snap
Death's Energy cost reduces the more cards are destroyed, making it perfect to pair with Carnage.

Death Wave Deck List:

Death + Galactus Deck

The strategy of this deck involves playing in two locations early until you can play Wave. This should be easy to ramp into via Psylocke and Electro. Then, you will want to drop Galactus at a free location as early as possible, destroying all of your opponent's other cards in the process. This sets you up very nicely to play Death and Knull in the remaining turns and totally dominate your opponent. 

Death + Galactus Deck List:

Marvel Snap
Use Death with cards like Yondu and Knull for maximum potential. (Picture: Nuverse)

Death + Venom + Arnim Zola Deck

The premise of this deck is to create an incredibly beefy Venom by destroying your other cards and absorbing their stats. This allows you to play Arnim Zola and transfer your powerful Venom to the other two locations. Death and Deadpool can also lend support in the first location as they will hopefully be both low-cost and very powerful by the final turn. 

Death + Venom + Arnim Zola Deck List:

And these are the best Death decks in Marvel Snap!

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