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Best Free Marvel Snap Series 3 Cards To Claim

Are you struggling to decide which Series 3 card you should choose for free? We have the answers you need!
Best Free Marvel Snap Series 3 Cards To Claim

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Marvel Snap card acquisition is a contentious topic. Collecting cards in Marvel Snap is more difficult than in any other card game. This is because cards cannot be purchased outright using any kind of currency. Instead, players will need to spend currency to increase their Collection Level. Then, at certain milestones, players will have the chance to open a brand-new card. This means it can be very difficult for players to build a competitive deck if they are missing core powerful cards. 

Thankfully, each new season, the developers let players choose one Series 3 card for free to add to their collection. This card will rotate randomly several times a day, and it is all but guaranteed you will eventually find the Series 3 card you are looking for. Knowing which cards are powerful and will make an impact on your deck is crucial, as only one card can be claimed each month. 

That's where we come in. So, if you want to know which Series 3 card you should choose for free, we have the answers you need! 

Marvel Snap
Choose one Series 3 card for free each season. (Picture: Nuverse)


Sera is one of the most powerful cards in the game, and Sera Control is a free-to-play friendly deck that consistently floats around Tier 1 or Tier 2 when it comes to the competitive meta. Sera can discount all cards in your hand by one, allowing for some explosive final turns. Sera decks only require a few additional cards, while the rest of the deck can be populated with cards from Series 1-2. 


Patriot is a great card to pick up, as this card opens up an entirely new archetype. Most Patriot decks are filled with base set cards such as Cyclops and Shocker. This will allow you to create a powerful meta deck thanks to only one card. 

Marvel Snap
The free Series 3 card will rotate several times per day in the shop. (Picture: Nuverse)

Doctor Doom

Despite Doctor Doom's nerf, it is still a very powerful and versatile card. Being able to spread power across all locations while playing into unplayable locations is a godsend in certain situations. 


Death is a great card that can also be built around using several pool 2 cards. Carnage, Deathlok, and Bucky Barnes make up the core of any Destruction deck, and Death can be a great finisher on the final turn. 

And these are the best Series 3 cards to choose from for free in Marvel Snap!

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