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Best Patriot Decks In Marvel Snap

Here are the best Patriot decks you can use to reach Infinite in Marvel Snap!
Best Patriot Decks In Marvel Snap

Most players in Marvel Snap will undergo a similar new player experience. You'll start out loving cards like Hulk that drop massive stats onto the board. Then, you'll slowly realize that cards without abilities are clearly inferior to cards with abilities, even if the latter has slightly lower stats. Then, you discover Patriot, and everything comes full circle! 

Patriot is a card that singlehandedly makes cards like Shocker, Cyclops, and The Thing viable in competitive play. Not just viable but meta-defining! Patriot decks are incredibly powerful and can be played leaning fully into the archetype or paired with cards like Silver Surfer for even more combo madness. So, if you want to get Infinite rank using cards with no abilities, here are the best Patriot decks in Marvel Snap you can start using!

Best Patriot Decks In Marvel Snap

As mentioned, Patriot buffs every card with no abilities by two power. This includes both base cards like the aforementioned Shocker and cards spawned by Brood, Squirrel Girl, Ultron, and more. Patriot works best in a deck with many zero-ability cards that can be buffed. You'll also want to consider increasing your buff potential with cards like Blue Marvel, Onslaught, and Mystique.

Marvel Snap
Patriot buffs all cards with no abilities by 2 power, so pair with a card like Misty Knight

Standard Patriot Deck

The standard Patriot deck has no flashy gimmicks or crazy combos and just seeks to get cards down and buff them. This is done by spawning lots of tokens via Debrii and Squirrel Girl, and increasing your buff potential with cards like Kazar. 

Standard Patriot Deck List:

Patriot + Silver Surfer Deck

If Patriot alone is not enough of a win condition, why not add another win condition to your deck? Silver Surfer is an incredibly powerful card on its own, and when paired with Patriot, things become even crazier. You'll want to spend your early game developing each location before using Sera on turn five. This will allow you to play Wong and Silver Surfer on the final turn for maximum buff potential. 

Patriot + Silver Surfer Deck List:

Multiple Win Condition Patriot

Marvel Snap
Cards like The Thing have no abilities such as On Reveal or Ongoing.

Three or four win conditions still not enough for you?! Fine! Have every win condition in the entire game in one deck! This Patriot deck is a Frankenstein abomination of a build that will need to be piloted very carefully in order to achieve decent results. When playing an ordinary Patriot deck, your win condition doesn't really change. However, with this deck, you may have to adapt your strategy and lean more into a specific win condition, depending on the flow of the game. 

Multiple Win Condition Patriot Deck List:

And these are the best Patriot decks in Marvel Snap!

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