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How To Counter Kang in Marvel Snap

Here is how to counter Kang in Marvel Snap!
How To Counter Kang in Marvel Snap

Kang is a five-cost zero-power card that, on reveal, will restart the current turn but remove Kang from play. Kang is essentially a Daredevil that allows you to see what your opponent is thinking and will then allow you to base your plays on this information. However, unlike Daredevil, your opponent is free to change their mind and perform a different play if they choose. Playing against Kang can be tricky. Oftentimes, Kang players will retreat if they don't have the resources to beat your final turn play. This means if a Kang player stays in the match, they probably have a counter to the play you just made. Or, it could just be a bluff! Kang matchups often come down to mind games, and the fact that Kang players can Snap freely even in a losing position, and undo the Snap upon rewind, might be enough to chase players out of a winnable game. 

So, if you are ready to counter Kang, you've come to the right place. This article will cover the best ways to counter Kang in Marvel Snap, including tech cards, strategies, and more. 

Marvel Snap
Use Cosmo to counter Kang. (Picture: Nuverse)

How To Counter Kang In Marvel Snap

As mentioned, the biggest advantage of using Kang is to mind game your opponent with free snaps and knowledge of their final play. It's hard to counter mind games, as this is down to a player's play style. That being said, here are some counters to Kang. 


The best counter to Kang is Cosmo. If you suspect your opponent may be snapping into a Kang, Cosmo is a great way to secure yourself some guaranteed cubes. Cosmo will negate Kang's On Reveal effect and, if played on the final turn, will end the game instantly, leaving the Kang player wondering what the hell just happened.  

Multiple Win Conditions

Unfortunately, the only card that outright counters Kang is Cosmo. This means, unless you are running Cosmo, your opponent is going to activate the effects of their Kang. So, if your opponent has seen your best play, you need to have the option to do a different play if you want to. Decks with multiple win conditions like Spectrum/Destroyer are good in this regard. 

Marvel Snap
Decks with multiple win conditions are good against Kang. (Picture: Nuverse)

Lane Lockdown

It doesn't matter if your opponent plays Kang on turn five if the game is already over by then, right? Storm on turn three and Professor X on turn five, under the right circumstances, will be enough to close out a game before your opponent even has a chance to play Kang onto the board. 

And these are the best Kang counters in Marvel Snap. 

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