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Best Daredevil Decks In Marvel Snap

These are the best Daredevil decks in Marvel Snap!
Best Daredevil Decks In Marvel Snap

Daredevil is one of the best, if not the best, scouting tools in Marvel Snap (at least before Kang made his debut). While Daredevil is on the field, players will be able to see their opponent's turn-five play before they make their own. This is not an Ongoing ability, nor an On Reveal ability, meaning Daredevil is not susceptible to counters like Cosmo or Enchantress. Furthermore, Daredevil also allows you to snap after seeing your opponent's move, which is great for securing two or more cube victories. 

Needless to say, Daredevil is one of the most powerful control cards in all of Marvel Snap. So, if you are ready to start mind-gaming your opponent, you've come to the right place. This article will cover the best Daredevil decks in Marvel Snap, including deck lists, strategies, and more!

Best Daredevil Decks In Marvel Snap

The best Daredevil decks in Marvel Snap are often control archetype decks. Because Daredevil is great for scouting your opponent's next move, it makes it very easy to counter their play with cards like Shang-Chi, Cosmo, and Professor X. Players will often want to maintain negative priority with Daredevil, allowing their counter cards to nullify your opponent's game plan. 

Marvel Snap Spiderman card
With Daredevil, locking down locations with Spider-Man is a breeze! (Picture: Nuverse)

Standard Daredevil Control Deck

The standard Daredevil control deck runs a lot of location manipulation in order to lock your opponent out of playing the game. By controlling locations, it is possible to force your opponent into playing in specific lanes, which you can then manipulate with cards like Shang-Chi. Storm and Juggernaut are a match made in heaven, as are Daredevil and Professor X. Spider-Man and Absorbing Man is also here to lock your opponent out of the final few turns and secure victory. 

Standard Daredevil Control Deck List

Marvel Snap
After locking down a location, use Doctor Doom to add power to it. (Picture: Nuverse)

Ongoing Destroyer Deck

Ongoing Destroyer is a very powerful deck that seeks to win in two out of three locations while ignoring the third. Players will want to lock down a single location and end the game with Destroyer or play for two locations and end the game with Spectrum. Because this deck runs Professor X, Daredevil is a great inclusion and can be slotted in very easily. 

Ongoing Destroyer Deck

And these are the best Daredevil decks in Marvel Snap!

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