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Best Blink Decks In Marvel Snap

Blink, and you'll miss out on the brand-new season of Marvel Snap as the mutant teleporter Blink jumps to the game as the season's featured card.
Best Blink Decks In Marvel Snap
(Picture: Second Dinner / GINX)

A few seasons back, Marvel Snap introduced a few more mutants to the popular card battler game in the Avengers vs. X-Men season, and more will be arriving this May. The latest season for Marvel Snap, A Blink in Time, welcomes some interesting new cards, many of which will be featured in the Spotlight Caches, but one headline in the month's new Season Pass.

Clarice Ferguson/Blink has abilities that may aid her allies in the nick of time by opening portals and teleporting herself of allies to give them the upper hand in combat. How valuable will Blink be upon her arrival to Marvel Snap as we've looked at her best card synergies and top decks to try out.

Marvel Snap Blink Card Abilities Explained

A brand new season of Marvel Snap welcomes new cards, more rewards, and new deckbuilding opportunities for Snappers this May. As the new season has been titled "A Blink in Time," the titular Marvel Comics character, Blink, will be one of two new card drops coming to Marvel Snap alongside Nocturne, which will be available through the Spotlight caches.

Nevertheless, Blink is a five-Cost and six Power card that has a unique card ability that triggers when on the board. Once played, Blink has an On Reveal ability, which swaps the last card played with a high-Cost card from their deck.

Blink is the Season Pass reward card for the new Marvel Snap season, with a variant available at Level 50. As for acquiring Blink, it will be unlocked at Level 1 of the Season Pass and available simultaneously on the first Tuesday in June in the Spotlight Caches and from the Shop for 6,000 Collector's Tokens.

Best Marvel Snap Blink Card Decks: Blink With Jubilee

Having Jubilee and Iron Lad gives players a choice to follow up their plays with Blink to add a high-Cost card into the mix, but do watch out for counters like Cosmo and Shang-Chi. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

As Blink is headlining the new season of Marvel Snap as the featured card for the Season Pass, it already has a few good card synergies, including Jubilee, Electro, and Wave. With this card synergizing with some big, heavy-hitting cards, it naturally works best in decks that require players to draw out and play high-cost or high-powered cards like Red Hulk and The Infinaut.

This Blink deck from Marvel Snap content creator SafetyBlade slots this card into a Jubilee deck, pairing her with some low-Cost cards that Blink can target. However, the main strategy for this deck is to play either Jubilee or Iron Lad into Blink on Turn 5 before either card returns to the deck.

This is important as Jubilee, when played on Turn 6, will draw out the top card in their deck to be played at its location while Iron Lad copies the text of the top card in the deck. Nevertheless, Blink could draw out either Vision, Doctor Doom, Red Hulk, or Magneto, which are essentially great plays, especially if Blink was played after Jubilee or Iron Lad.

Best Marvel Snap Blink Card Decks: Blink The Knight

Play again the curve with this Black Knight/Hela Discard deck, allowing them to bring back high-Cost cards back on board with Ghost Rider and Hela. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

Blink synergizes with cards that allow players to play on a curve, making it a welcomed addition to a Hela Discard deck. Players with a good Hela Discard deck can swap out Blink for Blackcat to play it into Jubilee or Ghost Rider if a card has been discarded.

This Hela Discard deck from SafetyBlade again sees some interesting plays, but allow them to play a handful of powerful cards through Jubilee, Ghost Rider, and Blink before Hela gets onto the board if she's in their hand. However, the drawback of this powerful deck is Shang-Chi, which can target multiple high-power cards like Red Hulk, Magneto, The Infinaut, Death, and the Ebony Blade from Black Knight in some situations.

Another thing that may hinder them in getting the right cards played is the luck of the draw, as Jubilee and Blink may draw out too early on the board. This can be said for Hela, a Turn 6 card, who resurrects all discarded cards to the board, which, when played early, can risk bringing important cards onto the board.

Best Marvel Snap Blink Card Decks: Blink Electro Ramp

Playing Blink into Electro will get Electro off the board and eliminate its Ongoing ability, which can limit plays per turn. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

The final deck players can consider trying at Blink's release is an Electro Ramp deck courtesy of Marvel Snap content creator Docty. This is another deck that Hela features in; however, the main strategy is to play Electro and then Blink to get that extra Energy and eliminate Electro's Ongoing ability.

However, this deck comprises multiple On Reveal cards, which can be triggered with Odin on the final turn. Another way to get Blink onto the board early is with Wave, which lets them play her as early as Turn 4 and swap out Wave for several high-cost cards like White Tiger, Vision, Doctor Doom, Odin, Red Hulk, or Magneto.

It's also worth mentioning that other notable cards can be included in this deck, like swapping White Tiger for Sandman to prevent multiple cards from being played on the final turn, and Caiera can be traded for Armor to safeguard one and six-Cost cards. Blink aims to elevate this ramp deck by making it more accessible with some great card drops most players should have, except for Jeff the Baby Land Shark, which Nightcrawler can be an alternative.

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