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Best Iron Man Decks In Marvel Snap

Here are some of the best Iron Man decks in Marvel Snap that you can use to reach Infinite!
Best Iron Man Decks In Marvel Snap

Iron Man is the character who kickstarted the MCU and is a lot of people's favorite Marvel character ever. Naturally, when fans saw that Tony Stark was available in Marvel Snap, they rushed to start making decks using him. Iron Man is a five-cost zero-power card that doubles the total power at the Location he is played. Under the right circumstances, Iron Man can be used to reach staggeringly high power at a single Location. 

However, due to Iron Man's lower power, players will need to build a deck that can utilize Iron Man's ability to the greatest effect. So, if you are interested in building an Iron Man deck, you've come to the right place. This article will cover the best Iron Man decks in Marvel Snap, including deck lists, strategies, and more!

Best Iron Man Decks In Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap
Iron Man doubles the total power at the Location he is played. (Picture: Nuverse)

Iron Man works well in decks that can take advantage of his ability, his status as an Ongoing card, or his lack of any base power. Cards like Spectrum and Mister Negative have great synergy with Iron Man and push the limits of his already strong ability to even greater heights. 

Spectrum Ongoing Deck 

The Spectrum Ongoing deck is a very solid archetype with a simple strategy that most players can easily learn. By ignoring one of the three lanes, this deck aims to focus all its attention on the remaining two. If your opponent tries to contest the lane you are setting up in, Iron Man is usually a game-winning card capable of overpowering your opponent. 

Spectrum Ongoing Deck List:

Marvel Snap
Iron Man is a five-cost zero-power card. (Picture: Nuverse)

Iron Man + Mister Negative Deck

Because Iron Man has zero base power, he becomes an auto-include in most Mister Negative decks. If Iron Man has his stats swapped, he becomes a zero-cost ten-power card with the ability to push a Location's total power even higher if played alongside other cards. Things get even crazier when you throw another powerful zero-power card like Mystique into the mix. If Mystique is able to copy Iron Man's Ongoing effect, you can either double the power of another Location or quadruple the power of the same Location Iron Man is in!

And these are some of the best Iron Man decks in Marvel Snap!

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