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Best White Widow Decks In Marvel Snap

A kiss that's deadly to opponents, the White Widow, is bringing her venomous skills to Marvel Snap. Here's how the card works and her best decks.
Best White Widow Decks In Marvel Snap
(Picture: Second Dinner / GINX)

The Thunderbolts season is nearing its end, and with two more card drops on the way, the next new addition to Marvel Snap is a character many players have recently been acquainted with thanks to her appearances in the MCU. As a fellow Widow herself, Yelena Belova/White Widow is joining her fellow Thunderbolts members, bringing her highly trained and lethal skills to the game as the White Widow becomes available in-game.

This card may see the potential of new takes on popular deck archetypes like Junk and Control, but just how effective she'll be depends on which cards she synergizes best with. We've peeled the veil to discuss how this card works by explaining its abilities and looking for the best decks to slot White Widow in for Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap White Widow Card Abilities Explained

Former Russian agent Yelena Belova/White Widow follows in the footsteps of fellow Red Room Academy student and the Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff, moving away from a life of crime drenched in blood to a "more heroic destiny." While this journey hadn't been easy for Belova, facing multiple dangerous enemies, she took control of her life once she freed herself from her past, and her journey continues in Marvel Snap.

White Widow places a card at their opponent's side of the board, the Widow's Kiss, which has -4 Power that can be disabled if their side of the location is full but can be destroyed or have its ability removed by counters. (Picture: Second Dinner / GINX)

With her release impending, the White Widow is a two-Cost and two-power card with a deadly On Reveal ability. When played at a location, her On Reveal ability lets her place a Widow Kiss on the opponent's side of the board.

The Widow's Kiss card has an Ongoing ability, which means it will have -4 Power, but it can be disabled if the opponent's side of the location is full. If their side of the location is full, the Widow's Kiss will gain a 0 Power unless it's sent to your side of the board with Viper and Annihilus or destroyed with Carnage.

The Widow's Kiss ability can be nullified with Enchantress, making this one of the best counters, as removing its ability can allow it to be buffed by Patriot; however, the Widow's Kiss can be afflicted by cards like Hazmat if Enchantress isn't played. White Widow will be available during her release week's Spotlight Caches and can be purchased from the Shop for 6,000 Collector's Tokens.

Best Marvel Snap White Widow Card Decks: Kiss And Control

Lockdown the White Widow location with Professor X to prevent opponents from disabling the Widow's Kiss ability. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

As White Widow synergizes with several cards and key deck archetypes, players want to fill up other locations to keep the Widow's Kiss ability active. One of the few early predictions for White Widow is inserting her into Lockdown decks as she synergizes fairly well with Nebula, Storm, and Professor X.

This Lockdown deck from Marvel Snap content creator Drewberry echoes this with the inclusion of Nebula and Professor X. There are a few ways players can utilize White Widow, one of which is by placing it at a specific location, followed by Wave and then Professor X at the White Widow location.

Another option is playing White Widow followed by Cosmo, which prevents Enchantress from being played at the location and then locked down with Professor X. This will let Nebula be played at an adjacent location and protected by Armor, preventing Attuma's ability from being triggered and keeping it away from Shang-Chi.

Lastly, Jeff the Baby Land Shark can further secure location priority once it's on the board, which having Daredevil being played will allow them to predict their opponent's plays better and counter them. Shang-Chi can eliminate any high-powered cards in the later turns, which, using Jeff, can secure them the victory.

Best Marvel Snap White Widow Card Decks: White Widow Cerebro 3 Control

While White Widow does have a few counters, players can prevent those counters from happening by adding Goose to this Cerebro-3 deck. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

White Widow is also looking to be an effective card for Control decks, especially given the past successes of the Cerebro archetype. In this new variation of the Cerebro-2 deck from Marvel Snap content creator Docty pairs cards with White Widow that synergize well and can once again prevent their opponents from utilizing effective counters like Enchantress and Shang-Chi, as Goose is the card that is effective here.

Goose will prevent four, five, and six Cost cards from being played at Goose's location, which can be temporarily voided if the opponent plays War Machine or Carnage, giving their opponent a more challenging time filling up their side of the board. Another option is to play White Widow and Storm at the same location and Negasonic Teenage Warhead to destroy their card and move Nightcrawler (or Jeff) to this location.

This can allow players to play Goose at a different location, giving their opponent a decision whether to play at the Widow/Storm location or the Goose location. This will set them up to play Cerebro and Mystique or Cerebro, Blue Marvel (at another location), followed by Mystique to buff all their cards played.

Best Marvel Snap White Widow Card Decks: White Widow Junk That Clogs

White Widow is likely to feature in a handful of Junk decks following the card's release. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

Finally, White Widow has the potential to be quite the power creep card that may see Lizard being swapped out for her in Junk decks. Following the release of Cannonball last season, this new Junk deck variation is on the more aggressive side of playstyle, featuring all the rocks and goblins their opponents may struggle to combat.

This White Widow Junk deck from Marvel Snap content creator CanadianAlfredo highlights White Widow's potential to be a feature in Junk decks, especially when played between Turns 2 and 4. Clogging up their opponent's locations can be an issue with this deck; however, playing Debrii at White Widow's location can keep the Widow's Kiss ability active, as Killmonger can't destroy the card (but Carnage can).

Therefore, playing Green Goblin and Hobgoblin in other locations will frustrate their opponent in deciding which negative Powered card they wish to destroy; players can clog those opposing locations using Debrii, the goblins, and The Hood once Annihilus is played. Having Nebula and Red Hulk will allow them to gain power passively, as their opponents will remain stumped on which locations to play cards and how to rid themselves of the Widow's Kiss.

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