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Best War Machine Decks In Marvel Snap

Open inaccessible locations to make critical plays with War Machine, in which we've explained the card's abilities and the best decks in Marvel Snap.
Best War Machine Decks In Marvel Snap
(Picture: Second Dinner / GINX)

With the Avengers vs. X-Men season nearing its epic conclusion, one final card is ready to secure the victory for Team Avengers as War Machine joins Marvel Snap. Colonel James Rhodes, a.k.a. War Machine, will bring his Stark Tech-designed armor and unique artillery to the battlefield for players to make highly critical plays and manipulate locations to their advantage.

War Machine has generated much hype since the card was datamined, and rightfully so. With so many strategies to utilize to gain a victory, this card could indeed live up to its hype. This guide details everything you need to know about War Machine, including its ability, how to acquire the card, and some of the best viable decks to play in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap War Machine Card Abilities Explained

The final card for the current Avengers vs. X-Men season sees a reliable yet equally powerful card coming to the Avengers' assistance as Colonel James Rhodes (Rhodey), a.k.a. War Machine, will be deployed in Marvel Snap. An ally to the Avengers and best friend of Tony Stark (Iron Man), War Machine is prime and ready for action with his unique capabilities that allow players to play cards anywhere on the board.

War Machine is a four-cost, six-energy card with an On Reveal ability that, once played, allows players to play cards from their hand anywhere on the board until the end of the next turn. It's important to note that this allows players to play cards in locations that have been locked down by Storm and Professor X or locations like Sanctum Sanctorum and The Big House, which prevents them from previously playing cards there.

Likewise, it doesn't open lanes to play Tech cards like Shang-Chi and Cannonball to destroy high-cost or Power cards like The Infinaut, and the same is applied for move cards like Silk and Spider-Man that move cards away from these locked-down locations. It does, however, negate card limitations that previously prevented them from playing certain cards like Ebony Maw, Cull Obsidian, Goose, and Sentry, to name a few.

Players wanting to add War Machine to their collection can acquire it from the Spotlight Caches, as these keys can be obtained through the Collection Level after every 120 levels. In addition, if they cannot get it from the Spotlight Caches in time, it will be available from the in-game Shop for 6,000 Collector's Tokens.

Best Marvel Snap War Machine Card Decks: Summer Machine

Trigger Cull Obsidian's ability once Nightcrawler is played once War Machine is placed onto the board. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

One of the biggest takeaways regarding War Machine is that to build decks that synergize effectively; one should not restrict the player but the opponent instead. One of the best cards that synergize with War Machine is Hope Summers, as it allows players to play high-Powered cards that are more accessible in later turns while enabling some of the other cards' conditions.

War Machine functions well in this Shuri deck from Safety Blade, which, with the addition of Summers, Caiera, and Cull Obsidian, unlocks a few interesting scenarios if the conditions are met. Once Hope Summers is played, players can either play The Infinaut as early as Turn 4 or 5, play She-Hulk and The Infinaut in a single turn, or trigger Cull Obsidian's ability once Nightcrawler is placed on the board.

The remaining plays will be to play Ebony Maw in Turn 6 and better safeguard other high-Powered cards with Caiera from Shang-Chi. This particular deck or variations will likely be seen once War Machine becomes available, especially given that War Machine decks will likely be built around Ebony Maw's condition and getting to play it beyond Turn 3.

Best Marvel Snap War Machine Card Decks: Goosing Around

Limit your opponent's play using Goose to restrict high-Cost cards from being played. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

As previously alluded, War Machine will enable players to play cards at inaccessible locations and restrict opponents' play. This is how Goose becomes a major factor in this deck from Marvel Snap content creator ItsGuestGaming, whereby Goose prevents opponents from playing four, five, and six Cost cards at a location.

The difference is that once War Machine is played, Goose's limitations are no longer a restriction for players until the end of the next turn, allowing them to play these cards like Ms. Marvel, Jessica Jones, Omega Red, and Klaw. This Ongoing Lockdown deck will let players revisit the Storm locations to play these cards, especially if they're losing priority for that lane or to play cards behind Goose like Jessica Jones for her ability to trigger the next turn.

This will also help get Klaw to gain lane priority further before playing Onslaught on the last turn. What makes this deck even more appealing to players is that most of the deck consists of cards from Series 1 and 2, except for Ms. Marvel, who can be traded out for maybe Blue Marvel or Doctor Doom.

Best Marvel Snap War Machine Card Decks: The Knight Machine

Lock down a location with Ebony Maw, allowing them to play high-Powered cards on this location for lane priority. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

Perhaps where War Machine could ultimately shine the most is pairing War Machine with Black Knight, which leans more toward playing The Infinaut without worrying about Shang-Chi destroying it. In yet another deck from ItsGuestGaming, this time by playing Ebony Maw and Black Knight as early as possible before discarding any high-Powered card to have the Ebony Blade enter their hand.

Additionally, War Machine lets them play other restrictive cards like Giganto and The Infinaut, but if discarded, Ghost Rider will bring them back into the game. Hope Summers is yet another stellar inclusion to ensure that the high-Powered cards can be played once War Machine is down or play Ghost Rider to bring them back into the Ebony Maw location.

Zabu will help reduce these costs even further, which synergizes extremely well with Hope Summers' ability, guaranteeing these cards are getting played to clinch lane priorities across the board. Players could swap Ghost Rider for Hela for a Hela ramp variation, but Zabu reducing its costs makes it a much cheaper option to include, especially when considering Hope Summers' Energy gain ability.

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