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League of Legends
League of Legends

Check Out Galio's New Superhero-Themed Abilities

Riot Games teased the Galio rework yesterday and - as expected - they've now been detailed more specifically, with the whole identity of the gargoyle seemingly wiped clean for what is practically a new character. And that's actually not a bad thing, let's face it. Galio's new passive is Colossal Smash, which activates after a few seconds - causing his fists to glow as a signifier - and makes his next basic attack a ground pound, dealing AOE damage with bonus magic damage that scales with bonus attack damage and magic resistance. In addition to this, Colossal Smash's cooldown is reduced with each ability that Galio uses, once per ability. His Q is now Winds Of War, a skillshot that sends out two gusts of wind that converge into a vortex, the gusts dealing damage through anyone they hit and the vortex dealing additional AOE damage (including based on enemy health) where it forms. The original stoic gargoyle is still present in some form for his W ability, Shield Of Durand. As a passive, this will build a shield that absorbs magic damage whenever Galio is out of combat for some time. As an active, however, holding the key down will slow Galio significantly but also reduce the damage that he takes. Additionally, this ability will not be interrupted by CC abilities while it is being channelled. Releasing the key will then taunt any nearby enemies, the range and duration of the taunt being based on how long the key had been pressed down. His E - Justice Punch - is pretty much a carbon copy of Vi's haymaker, the difference being that this is a skillshot rather than a targeted ability. Galio will charge forward, dealing magic damage and knocking up any enemies hit by the charge. The attack stops with the first enemy champion struck, or should Galio hit some terrain. Lastly is his ultimate, a rather nifty super flight ability that targets any ally on the map. With this Galio leaps into the air and, after a brief moment, bursts towards the location of his ally when he activated the ability. This has two effects, providing the damage reduction of Shield Of Durand to the ally and causing magic damage and knock-up in a large AOE. Those enemies in the centre of the blast radius will be knocked up for longer. It seems the focus for Galio is still on his defensive capabilities, but making him a little more adaptive in terms of his skillset. He won't likely be hitting as hard as the likes of LeBlanc, but he'll be able to assist in a lot of other ways. His taunt, for example, would make for a handy team-fight distraction, while his ultimate - as flashy as it is - would make for some valuable turnarounds when necessary. In that sense he's more of a support mid, rather than the popular burst mage that we tend to see. Whether he'll get much play at all in the current meta depends entirely on how his stats are tuned, but his toolkit is more defensive than aggressive and that's just not the League Of Legends play right now.