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League of Legends
League of Legends

Paris Saint-Germain Could Be Entering eSports

More news of sports teams getting involved with eSports here, and this time it's huge French football team Paris Saint-Germain buying a League Of Legends team. This comes via a report by ESPN eSports, which claims that PSG's recent partnership with Webedia was part of a move for the football club to move into competitive gaming. Paris-Saint Germain is said to have purchased League Of Legends roster Team HUMA for $70,000 and has therefore purchased the team's slot in the Challenger Series cup. Earlier this year Team HUMA and its owner Behdad Jaafarian were banned from competing in League Of Legends when Riot Games ruled that Jaafarian had not been paying its players a minimum wage - as expected from every competing team. This then forced Jaafarian to sell Team HUMA, with Jaafarian promising to compensate the team and its players with money earned from the sale. As part of this purchase, the team will be rebranded to Paris Saint-Germain eSports and will begin to compete in League Of Legends under this name. This isn't the first example of a sports team getting involved with eSports, but the difference is that Paris Saint-Germain is only licensing its name and branding to Team HUMA - rather than actually owning the team. Webedia, a media company already associated with eSports, in 2014 bought the controlling stake in Millenium - a French eSports team well known for its League Of Legends team but also with rosters for Hearthstone, Call Of Duty, CS:GO and more. It is Webedia who will apparently run the organisation of Paris Saint-Germain eSports, with the sports' equivalent being involved in little more than licensing. It's not yet known how Wededia's involvement with Millenium will be affected, if at all.