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Best Arnim Zola Decks In Marvel Snap

Here are the best Arnim Zola decks in Marvel Snap you can use to reach Infinite!
Best Arnim Zola Decks In Marvel Snap

Arnim Zola is a Series 3 card with six energy and zero power. This seems like a rough trade-off, but cards with zero power usually have incredibly strong abilities. You only have to look at cards like Iron Man, Silver Surfer, and Knull to see the potential of zero-power cards. Arnim Zola is no exception in this regard. It has the powerful On Reveal effect of destroying a card at the same location and adding copies of the destroyed card to the other two locations. 

This unique effect allows players to spread their power across the entire board. In addition, great players will be able to set up a board state that allows Arnim Zola to come in on the final turn and hit the perfect card necessary to win the game. So, if you want to hit Infinite rank in Marvel Snap with Arnim Zola, you've come to the right place. These are the best Arnim Zola decks in Marvel Snap!

Best Arnim Zola Decks In Marvel Snap 

Marvel Snap
Arnim Zola is a six energy zero power card. (Picture: Nuverse)

Arnim Zola needs to be paired with powerful cards that have enough power to swing locations in your favor all by themselves. Cards like Black Panther and Red Skull are significant options that Arnim Zola users may want to consider adding to their deck. 

Arnim Zola + Black Panther Deck

Arnim Zola fits very well into a Black Panther On Reveal deck. Adding Arnim Zola into a standard On Reveal deck allows you to pivot your strategy away from White Tiger and Odin if your opponent manages to squash your strategy with something like Iceman. Additionally, utilizing Wong will allow Black Panther to achieve monstrously high power that should be enough to win any location. 

Arnim Zola + Black Panther Deck List:

  • Iceman
  • Ebony Maw
  • Psylocke
  • Ironheart
  • Wolfsbane
  • Storm
  • Wong
  • Black Panther
  • White Tiger
  • Doctor Doom
  • Odin
  • Arnim Zola

Arnim Zola + Shuri Deck

Shuri is currently one of the most powerful cards in the game and sees play in various decks. At the time of writing this, the best deck in the game features both Shuri and Arnim Zola working in tandem to spread massive amounts of power across the locations.

Arnim Zola + Shuri Deck List:

  • Zero
  • Armor
  • Maximus
  • Zabu
  • Attuma
  • Shuri
  • Typhoid Mary
  • Red Skull
  • Taskmaster
  • The Vision
  • She-Hulk
  • Arnim Zola
Marvel Snap
Arnim Zola works great with cards like Black Panther. (Picture: Nuverse)

Arnim Zola + Devil Dinosaur

Devil Dinosaur is another powerful card requiring far less setup than Black Panther or Red Skull. You can play your deck normally, acquiring cards as you play before dropping your powerful Devil Dinosaur on turn five and using Arnim Zola on turn six to close out the game. 

Arnim Zola + Devil Dinosaur Deck List:

  • Agent 13
  • Sentinel
  • The Collector
  • Cable
  • Killmonger
  • Storm
  • Moon Girl
  • Shang-Chi
  • White Queen
  • Devil Dinosaur
  • America Chavez
  • Arnim Zola

And these are the best Arnim Zola decks in Marvel Snap!