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Best Gilgamesh Decks In Marvel Snap

The Eternals are arriving to Marvel Snap (and Planet Earth) in the latest season, with the powerful Gilgamesh as the featured Season Pass drop.
Best Gilgamesh Decks In Marvel Snap
(Picture: Second Dinner / GINX)

Marvel Snap has invited Marvel Comics' finest as the Eternals are arriving to the popular card battler game in the June 2024 season, "The Celestials Finest." Several notable members will arrive in this game's world, possessing a vast array of gold-like abilities, allowing players to try their hand at building decks with the Season Pass drop featuring Gilgamesh.

Gilgamesh may be underwhelming or overlooked initially, but when paired with the right card synergies, it can be one of the most powerful Season pass cards to date. This guide breaks down everything we know about the Eternal, Gilgamesh, including its card abilities, best synergies, and decks to try at launch for Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap Gilgamesh Card Abilities Explained

"The Celestials' Finest" season for Marvel Snap will kick start with two new card drops; the first will be the featured Season Pass card. As created by the Celestials, Gilgamesh, also known as the "Forgotten One," is known among his fellow immortals as a fierce monster-hunter and warrior but an avid adventurer.

Throughout Marvel Comics, he possesses an array of abilities, alongside immortality, including projecting "heat, light, and force blasts," casting illusions, transfiguration capabilities, and high levels of stamina and durability. He's also highly skilled in crafting armor, which he produces for himself and fellow Eternal member Sprite.

Because of this, his card ability will buff all cards in play, guaranteed they meet a specific condition. As a five-Cost and seven-Powered card, Gilgamesh triggers his On Reveal ability, which gains +1 Power for every card on the board, but they must have increased Power.

This ability won't be too challenging for players to trigger as there are plenty of cards that can help them achieve this condition before playing Gilgamesh. Before taking a peek at some of the best decks that feature this Eternal, Gilgamesh can be obtained from June 2024's Season Pass but will be available from the in-game Shop on the first Tuesday of July 2024 for 6,000 Collector's Tokens.

Best Marvel Snap Gilgamesh Decks: Gilgamesh Zoo

Ka-Zar is one of the best key card synergies for Gilgamesh as Ka-Zar buffs all one Cost cards in play. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

Perhaps one of the best and easiest decks that Gilgamesh can be slotted is in a KaZoo deck. Patriot and Ka-Zar are two of the best cards that synergize with Gilgamesh, but for this deck, specifically from Marvel Snap content creator Den Hearthstone, we'll focus on Ka-Zar.

As Ka-Zar requires multiple one Cost cards for its ability to work, the deck features Ant-Man and Nico Minoru, with the latter having a spell that can buff its Power. Shanna and Squirrel Girl have also been included, as they'll be played to trigger Mockingbird's ability and gain the buff from Ka-Zar.

Pixie has been factored into this deck to swap the base costs of all cards within their deck, which can make certain cards more accessible. Lastly, Dazzler, which buffs itself for a full location, Blue Marvel, which buffs all cards with +1 Power, and Onslaught, can further enhance Ant-Man, Dazzler, Ka-Zar, and Blue Marvel which could make Gilgamesh feel more valuable.

Best Marvel Snap Gilgamesh Decks: A Patriot Mesh

This version of a Zoo deck swaps Ka-Zar for Patriot to give cards with no abilities extra power for Gilgamesh's ability to trigger. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

As we've mentioned previously that Patriot and Ka-Zar are Gilgamesh's best synergies, this Patriot variation of a Zoo deck swaps out some core cards like Mobius M. Mobius, Nico Minoru, and Pixie for Wasp, Mysterio, Ultron, and Sasquatch. This is due to adding more cards on the board, which have no abilities, like Squirrel Girl's squirrels, Mysterio's illusions, and Ultron's drones to gain Patroit's buff but also buffs from Ka-Zar and Onslaught.

This Patriot Zoo deck from Marvel Snap content creator ItsGuestGaming features the recent packaging of Squirrel Girl, Mysterio, Mockingbird, and Sasquatch, which should help players set up plays in various locations. Players will be able to get Mockingbird and Sasquatch fairly early into locations if Squirrel Girl and Mysterio are played in the same turn before Mockingbird and Sasquatch are likely played the following turn.

Alternatively, they can swap out Sasquatch for a one-Cost card that can benefit from Gilgamesh's ability, like Kitty Pryde, Nebula, Nico Minoru, or Sunspot, but keeping Sasquatch with Mockingbird can help with winning locations before receiving Blue Marvel's buff. Gilgamesh can likely be saved for a Turn 6 play as playing Patriot and Blue Marvel must occur before Gilgamesh gets onto the board, but do keep one location for Onslaught to buff Patriot and Blue Marvel or Dazzler with the squirrel and illusion or drones for a clog-style lane.

Best Marvel Snap Gilgamesh Decks: All Mighty Gilgamesh Bounce

Bounce decks have been seen lately thanks to the inclusion of Sasquatch which Gilgamesh can also be included in this deck. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

Let's move away from Zoo decks and look into another good archetype that can benefit from Gilgamesh's ability but ensure it does trigger it. Recently, we've been enjoying a particular Sasquatch deck with a slight bounce and looked at potentially adding Gilgamesh into a Bounce-type deck.

Enter this powerful Bounce deck from Marvel Snap content creator Docty, which too plays around core Bounce deck mainstays like The Hood, Kitty Pryde, Nico Minoru, Angela, Mysterio, and Bishop. This deck also includes Beast and Falcon to return cards to their hand and Mysterio, Elsa Bloodstone, and Hit-Monkey to help power up cards like Angela, Sage, Bishop, and Hit-Monkey.

This power-up of cards makes playing Gilgamesh fairly straightforward as they'll have met the conditions, and it can also played on the final turn. We've added a sneaky strategy by playing Gilgamesh into a lane to gain Else Bloodstone's buff to gain +2 Power, thus filling up one location in the process while gaining Power for all Powered cards in play.

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