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Best Lady Deathstrike Decks In Marvel Snap

These are the best Lady Deathstrike decks in Marvel Snap!
Best Lady Deathstrike Decks In Marvel Snap

Lady Deathstrike is a five-cost three-power card in Marvel Snap that, on reveal, will destroy every card at the location it is played with less power than it. Naturally, with only three power, it is more than likely that, in her base form, Lady Deathstrike will be destroying next to nothing whenever it is played. 

Therefore, it falls on the player's shoulders to increase Lady Deathstrike's power in the hopes that she can become strong enough to clear out a location entirely whenever it is played. Under the right circumstances and with enough support, it is possible for Lady Deathstrike to destroy every single card in the game!

So, if you are ready to start using Lady Deathstrike in Marvel Snap, you've come to the right place. This article will cover the best Lady Deathstrike decks in Marvel Snap, including deck lists, strategies, and more!

Marvel Snap Mister Negative
Use Lady Deathstrike with Mister Negative. (Picture: Nuverse)

Best Lady Deathstrike In Marvel Snap

The best Lady Deathstrike decks in Marvel Snap are likely those that can increase Lady Deathstrike's power to make her viable. In most cases, simply using Shang-Chi is more than an effective way to counter your opponent's late-game strategies and does not come with nearly as many restrictions as Lady Deathstrike. 

Therefore, for Lady Deathstrike to see any kind of play, it needs to make a case for why it should be played above these other more easily accessible options. 

Mister Negative Deck

Mister Negative is a great fit for Lady Deathstrike. Not only does Mister Negative change Lady Deathstrike from three power to five power, but it can also allow the other synergistic cards in your deck to work alongside Lady Deathstrike. Shuri and Arnim Zola are powerful cards but eat up a lot of energy to play. 

Thanks to Mister Negative, Shuri and Lady Deathstrike can be played in the same turn, and Arnim Zola can cost zero energy. Arnim Zola can then send Lady Deathstrike to the other locations and destroy every card in the game. 

Mister Negative Deck List:

Double Lady Deathstrike's power with Shuri. (Picture: Nuverse)

No one said that you need to use Lady Deathstrike to destroy the opponent's cards. Lady Deathstrike is also great at destroying your own cards that want to be destroyed. By playing a bunch of cards that either benefit from being destroyed or that add useless cards to your field that you want to remove, Lady Deathstrike can be an amazing tech option. 

Destroy Deck List:

And these are the best Lady Deathstrike decks in Marvel Snap!

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