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Best Sersi Decks In Marvel Snap

Go big and win big as the next card drops; Sersi looks to transform the game with her unique ability, as detailed in this guide for Marvel Snap.
Best Sersi Decks In Marvel Snap
(PIcture: Second Dinner / GINX)

The season dedicated to the godly superhero ensemble, the Eternals, continues as the next card drop becomes available to players through the Spotlight Caches and the in-game Shop. Heralded as the Eternal who often cared for and protected humanity on Earth, Sersi had at times didn't care too much for conflict despite possessing powerful abilities like telepathy and transmutation, the latter of which became central to her live-action appearance in the MCU.

From the comic book pages to the MCU, Sersi finally arrives to Marvel Snap, whose transformative ability sees some interesting synergies to pair her with. As such, we've discussed everything about Sersi, including her card ability, key synergies, and best decks that featured this Eternal for Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap Sersi Card Abilities Explained

The next card drop featured for the new week will also see Miek and the Phoenix Force being available for the Spotlight Caches. As The Celestials' Finest season continues, the next Eternal to make their in-game debut, Sersi, often interacted with humans during her time on Earth.

Upon her release, Sersi is a five-Cost and seven-Powered card boasting a unique ability akin to her comic book origins. When played, Sersi has an On Reveal ability that transforms other cards at her location into random cards that cost one more if possible.

One of Sersi's earliest key synergies is Electro, which, for context, if the card is played on Turn 3, players can play Sersi on Turn 4 and transform Electro into a random four-cost card. Her ability won't work for six-cost cards and higher, like Death as of writing, which may change once Arishem is released towards month-end.

As such, players looking to acquire the Sersi card can purchase it from the in-game Shop for 6,000 Collector's Tokens. Likewise, they can use their Spotlight Keys to open Spotlight Caches in the hopes of obtaining her during the release week.

Best Marvel Snap Sersi Decks: Electrifying Blinksi Ramp

The Electro Ramp received a make-up following Blink's release and could be the best deck to slot Sersi in when her card drops. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

On the subject of Electro, the card had a slight resurgence during the previous season due to the release of Blink, the Season Pass card. It may also be the card players may draw their attention to, as Electro is the key card in a Ramp deck, which players can keep Blink in to draw Sersi onto the board one turn earlier.

This variation of the Electro Ramp deck comes courtesy of Marvel Snap content creator Docty, who gives players various ways of effectively utilizing Blink and Sersi to get higher-cost cards onto the board. Whether that be by playing Wave on Turn 3 and Sersi on Turn 4 or Electro on Turn 3, Blink or Sersi on Turn 4, or using Jubilee to draw Sersi from the deck if she's not in their hand, there are multiple ways to get Sersi on board.

This strategy does give rise to potentially playing Blink after that to swap with a higher-cost card from their deck, which could see either Vision, Doctor Doom, Red Hulk, or Magneto played earlier. Lastly, adding disruptive cards like Leech and Sandman will prohibit players from making vital plays on the final turn, if possible, by removing abilities or limiting opponents' play.

Best Marvel Snap Sersi Decks: Sersified Cloggin'

A Junk Clog deck may be ideal to add Sersi as she can transform negative-Powered cards like The Hood and The Void to higher-Cost cards. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

Throughout the previous season, it was evident that Blink would be slightly challenging to counter, and the same can be said for Sersi. Given that Sersi transforms cards at her played location to random cards that cost one more, the card feels most synergistic with a Junk deck, especially one that clogs their opponents' board.

This can be achieved with White Widow, Debrii, and Sentry's The Void before sending the latter over with Viper or Annihilus. The twist with this cloggy deck from Marvel Snap content creator Rez Snapper is using Sersi to transform cards like The Hood and The Void into cards costing one more (i.e., The Hood into a two-Cost card and The Void into a five-Cost card).

However, another way of getting these cards out earlier, especially Sersi, is the inclusion of Pixie, which may shuffle the base Costs of all cards within the deck if they started there. This can be extremely valuable for cards like Red Hulk and Alioth, whom the latter might see some game time and relevance this season.

Best Marvel Snap Sersi Decks: Winning Big With Sersi

It's the luck of the draw with these cards to add random cards to their hands, which may become potential targets for Sersi. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

Here's a deck archetype that Sersi may feel more at home with, given the RNG aspects of her ability within a Casino deck. Casino often refers to the RNG aspect that multiple cards possess, whether by giving players random cards to their hand or on board to discard or destroy random cards in play.

This may be due to Jubilee's prominence as a reliable card to draw important cards early or relying on the luck of the draw with cards like Agent 13, Maria Hill, Valentina, Morph, and Helicarrier. This high-stakes, high-rewards casino deck from Marvel Snap content creator Ankh brings all these big-time gamble cards to potentially become targets for Sersi once she comes into play.

Players will also have Nocturne to change locations, and Scarlet Witch, Rhino, or Nico Minoru can be alternatives for Nocturne if they don't have the card yet. Lastly, the deck also features the Yo-Yo pairing of Lady Sif and Ghost Rider to discard Helicarrier, receive random cards to hand, and bring back the card to gain location priority.

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