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Best Nocturne Decks In Marvel Snap

Possessing the abilities of her powerful parents, Talia Wagner/Nocturne will make herself at home amongst the current roster in Marvel Snap.
Best Nocturne Decks In Marvel Snap
(Picture: Second Dinner / GINX)

Talia Wagner/Nocturne had quite the childhood, having spent her early years at the X-Mansion due to her father, Kurt Darkholme/Nightcrawler, being a member of the X-Men and he mother, Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch, being a member of the Avengers. As Talia couldn't be with her mother due to her missions with the Avengers, she received her education and training until she became an X-Men herself, and now she's ready to join the roster of heroes and villains in the new season of Marvel Snap.

Nocturne is one of two card drops for the season's first week and joins fellow Exiles member Blink, but does she live up to her family's legacy and reality-bending abilities? This comprehensive guide for Nocturne will detail her best card synergies and provide some decks for players to enjoy in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap Nocturne Card Abilities Explained

The first week of the brand new season, A Blink in Time, for Marvel Snap, adds two new card drops, with Blink being the featured card for the Season Pass. The other card drop that will be available in the first week, Nocturne, possesses a unique ability, which is a hybrid of two available cards in-game, Nightcrawler and the Scarlet Witch.

It's no accident that Nocturne is the daughter of the Nightcrawler and the Scarlet Witch in Marvel Comics, but how does her ability compare to what's available in-game? Upon her release, Nocturne is a three-cost and five-power card that can be included in multiple unique decks and synergize with various cards and archetypes.

Nocturne's ability allows players to move her once only, much like Nightcrawler; however, when she moves to her new location, she'll change its location to a random one like Scarlet Witch can change a location. As for card acquisition, Nocturne will be featured in the week's Spotlight Caches, which can be opened with Spotlight Keys, and they can spend 6,000 Collector's Tokens at the in-game Shop to get the card.

Best Marvel Snap Nocturne Card Decks: Nocturnal Bounce And Move

Nocturne may synergize with various cards to hopefully revitalize the Move deck archetype in Marvel Snap. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

Nocturne's ability is two-fold: the ability to move and change a location, which we'll look at in the first part of her ability for deck inspirations. The Move deck archetype saw some revival following Werewolf by Night and Hercules' release but has since lost favor with the player base.

While Jeff the Baby Land Shark keeps some hope alive, Nocturne and Jeff can work in tandem in this variation of a Bounce Move deck from Marvel Snap content creator DenHearthstone. Naturally, Kraven will be a major card to insert into this deck, which is built around it while Angela and Kitty Pryde will gradually build a location's Power.

Silk and Spider-Man will move to other locations, which, in the case of Spidey, will bring an opponent's card to its new location, which could be the Kraven location. Hope Summers will help with any Energy needs, and Shang-Chi addresses any high-powered cards their opponent may play, but do watch out for their Red Hulk against their opponent's Shang-Chi.

Best Marvel Snap Nocturne Card Decks: Surfer Control

Nocturne can adds some chaos thanks to its unique ability with this Silver Surfer Control deck. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

Another deck archetype Nocturne may find herself a home with is the popular Surfer Control, which got a major reinforcement following Sebastian Shaw's release. As such, this deck specifically leans more on the disruptive side with the addition of Gladiator, Shang-Chi, and the aforementioned Nocturne to change a location to a random one.

This new take on the Silver Surfer Control deck from DenHearthstone pairs various cards that traditionally would be featured, like Nova, Forge, Brood, and Absorbing Man, are included alongside newer cards like Sebastian Shaw and Hope Summers, the latter to help with Energy needs. Cable and Gladiator will burn through their opponent's deck, while Killmonger will get rid of any one-Cost cards on the board.

Silver Surfer will grant all three Cost cards +2 Power, including Nocturne, to take their opponent's location priority away. While Ironheart can be a good substitute, it only gives three cards the power buff, so they're better off with Silver Surfer.

Best Marvel Snap Nocturne Card Decks: Legion Lockin' It Down

Lockout their opponent from key locations with Storm, Nocturne, and Legion in this variation of a Lockdown deck. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

The last deck highlights another popular deck archetype, Lockdown, which became popular with the Storm and Professor X cards. However, recent card drops, including Legion and War Machine, have created new synergies for various cards like Doctor Doom and Ms Marvel, and Nocturne may add some new chaos into the mix.

This Lockdown deck from Marvel Snap content creator Docty presents players with a few new strategies to lock down one or all three locations. Nebula, White Widow, and Jeff the Baby Land Shark can start setting up potential locations for lockdown, which can follow once Storm is on the board.

They can play Ms Marvel or War Machine before Legion on the Flooded location or Nocturne instead of Storm and then Legion at its new location. Luke Cage has been added to prevent getting hit by Lizard's ability, and Doctor Doom ensures that they maintain their location priority to grant the victory.

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