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Best Leader Decks In Marvel Snap

Leader is one of the most frustratingly powerful cards in Marvel Snap. Here are some of the best decks to use him in!
Best Leader Decks In Marvel Snap

Leader has always been one of the most frustrating cards to lose a game of Marvel Snap against. The card requires minimal strategy and seeks to risk the entire game by copying your well-thought-out play. Adding this card to your deck has been likened to turning to the dark side, but if you enjoy putting frowns on your opponent's face as you snap up eight of their highly valued cubes, Leader might be the card for you. 

Right now, Leader is still a very dominant threat in any deck. So, if you want to get Infinite with only one card, here are the best Leader decks in Marvel Snap!

Best Leader Decks In Marvel Snap

Unlike other cards like Wong, Silver Surfer, or Zabu, Leader is not a card you build your deck around and is more like a tech card or extra win condition you can add to an already existing deck. Leader can slot into most decks very comfortably, so whether you are late into pool 3 or just starting out, Leader can be a great addition to any deck you already have in motion. 

We'll go over a few of the best Leader decks in Marvel Snap, depending on whether Leader is your only pool 3 card or you have more to work with. 

First Card Leader

This is a good deck you can use if Leader is one of your first pool 3 cards. The deck focuses on locking your opponent's available options down either by condoning off locations or by activating one card per turn restrictions with Sandman. By limiting your opponent's plays, you can more reliably get off a solid Leader finisher in the late game. 

First Card Leader Deck List:

"Good Cards" Leader

"Good Cards" Leader is a deck without any kind of late-game wombo-combo strategy and seeks to control the board by playing top-tier card after top-tier card. By playing the best cards in the game, you will be able to dominate your opponent with high-powered cards before finishing them off with Leader on the final turn. 

"Good Cards" Leader Deck List:

Energy Ramp Leader

This deck seeks to ramp your Energy ahead of your opponent in order to play higher-cost cards several turns earlier. This allows you to not only play your Leader as early as turn four but can also allow you to double up on Leader's effect via Odin's ability as well!

Energy Ramp Leader Deck List:

If you're willing to sell your soul and make your opponents uninstall the game in order to get Infinite, feel free to get started using these decks.

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