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Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege

Best Rainbow Six Siege Operators: Attackers and Defenders

Rainbow Six Siege is continuously growing, week in and week out. At E3, Ubisoft announced during their conference that the game has now reached the milestone of 35 million players. One of the most difficult challenges players face – especially new players – is deciding which operator to use. Every operator brings a unique set of abilities and weapons and can swing a game their way at any time. However, some operators are better than others, and here I'm sharing with you which operators are best in almost any situation.



Ash is a 3-speed operator and she comes equipped with the M120 CREM, which can shoot up to two breaching rounds, detonating walls, windows or doors to gain entry points to objectives or defending operators. These breaching mechanics are vital in Rainbow Six Siege and makes Ash an instant pick in most matches, Casual or otherwise. However, Ash is what is known as a 'soft breacher', and so can only breach non-reinforced walls – worth considering, if your team has no hard breachers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWT7AdvpkKw Ash's speed also makes her a great entry fragger as well as a proficient flanker, able to get in behind the enemy and into the objective before defenders have the chance to retaliate. Ash has the R4-C or G36C assault rifle as her primary weapon – both efficient weapons that come down to personal preference, but neither will let you down.


Unlike Ash, Thermite is what is known as a hard breacher. He is able to breach a wall even if it has been reinforced by the defenders, making him a great ally to your entry fraggers. You'll often find yourself stuck in a situation where you simply can't get into the objective – the defenders have laid down traps, reinforced every wall and set Valkyrie cameras every which way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PgY9QgMKiM What Thermite can do is pick off operators away from the objective before breaching one of the reinforced walls. From there, you can drone in and find out the location of the enemy who locked themselves in. This can make a round much easier for your team, especially if there are no other hard breachers able to break in.


IQ is another 3-speed attacker but she has a vastly different role to Ash.  She also isn't very popular, and many people may scratch their heads seeing IQ included here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gHQ5bjsyF0 IQ is great for picking off roaming defenders and getting information. Her Red MKII Spectre electronics detector is perfect for inspecting rooms prior to entering, allowing you to ensure you don't walk into a Kapkan tripwire or even locate a Pulse using their heartbeat detector. Honorary mentions:

  • Hibana, a hard breacher that is interchangeable with Thermite
  • Twitch, whose shock drone can destroy enemy electronics as well as cause 10 damage per hit to opposing defenders
  • Sledge, a soft breacher that has a sledgehammer to break down walls (and take down opponents, if you're feeling adventurous). You can use the sledgehammer around 25 times, which is more than enough to last a round.



Rook is a 3-armour defender that is great for beginners, mostly because you don't need a lot of game knowledge to use him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6eC_KP3xlo With Rook you can drop armour for your team at the start of the round, granting them one extra armour point. This could be the difference between a kill or a death if it comes down to an intense gunfight, and is always beneficial to your teammates. As Rook, expect to play the anchor role and sit back on the objective. If you stray too far away, you may be too slow to get back, so holding down the fort for your team and making sure nobody gets through is perfect for Doc. Just make sure you drop the armour as soon as the round starts – you don't want to anger your teammates before the game even gets underway!


Pulse is helpful because his unique weapon, the HB-5 Cardiac Sensor, detects enemy heartbeats through walls, allowing you to anticipate them before they enter the building or breach a wall. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4mUWbCdXrk Pulse is a roamer, so is usually expected to be found away from the objective. When using Pulse, try to locate yourself near major entrances or popular choke points to kill opponents before they can make a play. A good roaming operator can easily pick up several kills a game if the shot is crisp, but just make sure you're playing for the win and not the kills!


Much like the two above, Ela is a pretty easy operator to learn and use. Her Grzmot mines can be thrown down in the objective and at popular entrances to injure enemies, and the barbed wire is great for slowing down attacking pushes and for the audio cue they provide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQNrX060JWg Ela's Scorpion EVO 3 A1 has a large clip and high rate of fire, as well as minimal recoil. Aim close enough to the head and you should win most gunfights you find yourself in. Similar to Ash on the attacking side, Ela works great as a flanker, straying away from the objective and closing in on it as you take enemies down. Honorary mentions:

  • Jäger, who can plant his "Magpie" active defense system to destroy enemy grenades before they can work their magic
  • Castle, who can place metal in place of doors and windows to close off areas to non-breaching operators
  • Lesion, who can plant Gu mines similar to Ela's Grzmot mines. Ela takes the cake, however, due to her better weaponry
Hopefully this short list can help you out; pair it with our recent Rainbow Six Siege Beginner's Guide and you may be the next Pro League player in waiting. However, this list is only a recommendation and we do advise trying out every operator at least once – after all, only you can know which operator you're best with!