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Analysing the new Ezreal rework: Is he still viable?

Analysing the new Ezreal rework: Is he still viable?
Recently, one of our favourite marksmen got a new rework to his kit. With a revamped skillset and a whole new playstyle to his name, we’re going to be determining whether or not Ezreal is still a viable champion to choose for your ranked climb.

Old vs. new Ezreal

Both Ezreals still share three skills in common alongside a similar passive. However, the main skill that they differ in part from is one of their primary skills, Essence Flux. Beforehand, Essence Flux was a skill shot which could pass through multiple people, dealing magic damage but it was unable to hit minions. If the ability passed through an allied champion, it would grant them extra attack speed as a buff, making it more of a utility skill shot rather than a damage skill shot. However, it worked extremely well with an ability power based Ezreal. Ezreal LoL The new Ezreal has a completely revamped Essence Flux. His Essen Flux works such that the ability shoots out a skill shot that attaches to the first enemy champion hit. Then, the next damaging auto-attack or skill shot will deal bonus magic damage based on his extra attack damage and ability power. While it is completely different from the old Ezreal’s Essence Flux, one thing they share in common is the fact that both cannot deal damage to minions. This makes it an ineffective farming tool. However, the new Ezreal’s Essence Flux also makes him more sustainable in the lane. If you can stick your Essence Flux and you manage to detonate it through an ability, then you are refunded the cost of that ability plus an extra 60 mana. This makes it a strong trading tool and thus, brings me to my next part.

How Will This Change Ezreal?

Before the rework, Ezreal was mainly dependent on his Mystic Shot. It was the bread and butter of his kit and what made him such a strong pick if used correctly. Essentially, if the player playing Ezreal was smart with his or her skill shots and could land them consistently, they would be a deadly pick one way or another. Furthermore, if the player failed to land these skill shots, this could easily change Ezreal’s entire influence in the game, turning him from the biggest threat on the map to a meagre champion in the fight. Therefore, Ezreal was a make it big or don’t make it at all type of champion. Only the best could master him and it was high risk for high reward. Now, with the new changes, Ezreal isn’t as much consistent damage anymore in exchange for a better and easier kit. With the new Essence Flux, Ezreal doesn’t have to land every single one of his skill shots. Now, he just needs to be able to land the Essence Flux and then follow up with one Mystic Shot to match the burst of what the old Ezreal would do in damage through a consistent series of spells. Just because this new kit degrades the risk of landing a skill shot, it doesn’t mean Ezreal can’t nearly match the damage that the old Ezreal used to put out. Instead, this new ability kit allows a little more margin for inexperienced Ezreal players and, thus, gives way to more opportunities for marksmen to succeed in the role. Ezreal LoL Furthermore, the new Ezreal has more of a presence early-game. The new Essence Flux can attach to towers and because of this, he can detonate extra damage onto the tower. This threat only increases the longer the game goes.

New Combos

There is only one new combo for Ezreal and that’s making sure you land the Essence Flux before you fire off a spell of some kind. The two most common ways to do this is blinking into your opponent through using your Arcane Shift. Then, you shoot out your Essence Flux and once it attaches to your target, you use your Mystic Shot to secure the extra damage. However, if they’re too far away, you can shoot out your Essence Flux first, follow up with an Arcane Shift to proc the effect of Essence Flux and then shoot out your Mystic Shot to finish out the damage. Other than that, these are the two new combos which you’ll need to learn but they’re so similar to the old Ezreal’s combos that it should take very little time for you to learn. Then, you can focus on your gameplay instead.

The final verdict

One beautiful thing about League of Legends is that the intricacy behind it is seen in every single rework they bring to the table. They switched Ezreal from a high-risk, high reward champion into a champion that can focus on burst rather than consistent damage. Furthermore, he also has more influence around the map with his Essence Flux also being able to detonate towers and as he scales, this can get extremely dangerous. Ezreal is just one of many reworks which have shaken League of Legends to its core and I can’t wait to see what it brings for the future.