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Best Mister Negative Decks In Marvel Snap

Here are the best Mister Negative decks you can use to reach Infinite in Marvel Snap!
Best Mister Negative Decks In Marvel Snap

Mister Negative is a very strange card with an even stranger ability. Mister Negative's unique effect swaps the Power and Energy Cost for every card in your deck. Add to this Mister Negative's unique stat line, being the only -1 power card in the entire game, and you have a very confusing card but one with a lot of potential. For any card seeking to help Mister Negative reach his full potential, you will need many cards with high energy costs and high power. Cards like Ironheart, Professor X, and Wolfsbane are all great inclusions for any deck using Mister Negative. 

So, if you are ready to flip-turn your deck upside down with Mister Negative, look no further! These are the best Mister Negative decks in Marvel Snap you can use to reach Infinite Rank

Best Mister Negative Decks In Marvel Snap

As mentioned, Mister Negative is not a card you can easily slide into a pre-existing deck. Players will need to carefully curate the cards they choose in order to maximize the potential of Mister Negative fully.

Classic Mister Negative Deck

This deck features a ton of cards that become incredibly powerful once their stats are reversed. Players will want to get Mister Negative down as soon as possible and start capitalizing on their now low-cost, high-power cards. 

Mister Negative Deck List:

Zero Energy Mister Negative Deck

Mister Negative has great combo potential with cards that have zero power. By playing Mister Negative, all cards that have zero power will now be able to be played for zero energy!

Zero Energy Mister Negative Deck List:

Mister Negative + Sera Deck

Sera is also a great card to use alongside Mister Negative, as you can play even more low-cost cards thanks to Sera's energy-reduction abilities. When paired with other synergistic cards like Jubilee and Wong, Sera and Mister Negative can snowball games out of control very quickly! 

Mister Negative + Sera Deck List:

And these are the best Mister Negative decks you can use in Marvel Snap!

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