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Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege

Ranking every weapon in Fortnite: Battle Royale

There have been countless weapons in Fortnite Battle Royale since it released in September 2017. So many that I don't even want to count before I start this list. That said, this will look at every weapon in the history of Fortnite from worst to best. To save myself some sanity, I've not included weapons such as grenades – only ones that shoot things.

30. Scoped Revolver

Not much to say really. Would rather carry the pickaxe. Or go back to the lobby.

29. Scoped Assault Rifle

Perhaps different since I play on controller, the Scoped AR is difficult to hit shots with and one of the last weapons you want to find when you drop in.

28. Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle

The Scoped AR but with nice colours.

27. Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle

Alright for the old spray-and-pray method but pretty useless for anything else. Not enough damage to justify carrying it.

26. Infantry Rifle

What a nuisance this gun is. The tracking is awkward, and the high damage doesn't make up for it. Perhaps not terrible but the last (non-scoped) assault rifle I would want to take.

25. Hunting Rifle

Like a sniper except not worth it because the damage just isn't high enough. Better mobility than other snipers but that's about it.

24. Suppressed Sniper Rifle

Honestly, it's alright, just a bit pointless.

23. Pistol

Quietly underrated, not bad to pull when you drop in if you've got a half decent trigger-finger.

22. Combat Shotgun

Slightly better than when it first got introduced at the start of Season 9, but its worse than the Tactical Shotgun which really says all you need to know. Give us the Pump back.

21. Suppressed Pistol

Same reasons as the Pistol except silent. All the stealth.

20. Dual Pistols

Can deal some decent damage if you have a half-decent shot. Can take down an enemy in a few good shots.

19. Minigun

Absolutely tear down builds and also does an alright amount of damage if you hit your shots. Very fun way of annoying enemies.

18. Grenade Launcher

Quite annoying, they don't usually result in anything. That said, it's alright to take down some builds and waste enemy materials.

17. Tactical Shotgun

Not particularly strong or consistent but the Tac shotgun shoots fast enough to justify carrying it when need be, especially now the Pump Shotgun is gone.

16. Suppressed Assault Rifle

Weaker than normal Assault Rifle, range drop off. Not bad to pick up but will always swap for an un-suppressed one.

15. Burst Assault Rifle

I don't think people appreciate how good the burst was until we lost it. Once upon a time, the Rare/Blue burst AR was a formidable beast to come up against. One or two bursts and you've downed them already.

14. Flint-knock Pistol

On top of dealing a decent amount of damage, the flint-knock pistol has helped me get out of the storm quickly a few too many times. An essential pick for me if I can't find a Drum Gun or SMG.

13. Heavy Assault Rifle

Great if you can guarantee your accuracy but more often than not, a regular AR is far better due to the fire rate and lack of recoil. That said, the damage is high, and would be much better in long-range fights.

12. Tactical SMG

Was good whilst it lasted, but I personally think it's the worst SMG variant we've seen so far. Still, great for shredding enemies up close.

11. Hand Cannon

Mandatory when it destroyed builds in one shot, the Hand Cannon still does more than enough damage to justify carrying it. 75 damage (or 150 to the head), it isn't always necessary now but it's still well worth holding.

10. Heavy Shotgun

The Heavy Shotgun didn't have the same high damage that the Pump did but the range made it slightly easier to use. Could really pack a punch

9. Compact SMG

8. Suppressed SMG

7. Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

6. Boom Bow

5. Assault Rifle

4. Rocket Launcher

3. Heavy Sniper Rifle

2. Drum Gun

Perhaps the most overpowered weapon in the history of the game, you could, without a doubt, win games with just the Drum Gun. High ammo count, great for shredding players and builds, too strong for its own good. We hate it but we love it.

  1. Pump Shotgun

Rest in Peace to our one true love. The Pump Shotgun was truly a vital part to the Fortnite: Battle Royale experience; getting one-pumped was the worst, one-pumping was marvellous. Please, Epic, bring it back.