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GTA Online Meth Lab Payout, Best Location and Is It Worth It

If you are interested in getting into the meth business in GTA Online, our guide is designed to help you with that.
GTA Online Meth Lab Payout, Best Location and Is It Worth It

One of the best ways to enjoy GTA Online is to get into either a weapons business or a drug business in the game. It gives you way more to manage and you will end up getting passive income along the way.

Here, we are going to get into how you can enjoy making a profit off of meth in GTA Online. We will get into how you can start meth missions and what are the best meth labs for you to buy in GTA Online.

How To Get Started Cooking Meth In GTA Online

GTA Online Meth
After you become a president of an MC, creating a meth business will yield you some good passive income. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

In GTA Online, there are multiple ways that you can enjoy the game. One of the ways that you can play the game is by starting a Motorcycle Club, or an MC for short.

Creating an MC was one of the first big DLC updates brought to GTA Online and it brought a lot of content. You can create your own MC and start creating and moving illegal drugs.

So the first thing you need to do is create your own MC and become the president of that MC. From there, Lester will create "The Open Road" dark app that allows you to do things like purchase a meth lab. You buy the meth lab, complete the associated mission, and the lab is yours.

What Is The Best Meth Lab Location To Buy?

GTA Online
There are 4 different meth labs that you can choose from to start your meth business. (Picture: Rockstar Games))

Before we get into which meth lab is the best meth lab, let us first tell you exactly where each meth lab is located in GTA Online:

  • Grand Senora Desert ($910,000)
  • Paleto Bay ($1,024,800)
  • Terminal ($1,365,000)
  • El Burro Heights ($1,729,000)

Once you have gotten started with the Bikers content in GTA Online, you might be wondering which one will get you the best product.

The truth is, all of the meth labs in GTA Online are the same. There is no real difference other than the cost and location.

If you still cannot decide which one is best based on that, you might want to go with the cheapest one in Grand Senora Desert. The reason is that not only it is the cheapest, but it is at a central location between most of the meth missions.

On top of that, you will get profits much faster with this meth lab after you purchase some upgrades simply due to the lower price.

GTA Online Meth Lab Max Profit Payout

Here is a chart showing you the maximum profits you can make from a meth lab in GTA Online:

Upgrade Upgrade Cost Unit Profit Sell Local Sell Remote Profit per Hour
No Upgrade $0 $8500 $170000 $255000 $21000
Security Upgrade $513000 $8500 $170000 $255000 $21000
Equipment Upgrade $1100000 $10000 $204000 $306000 $32000
Staff Upgrade $331500 $10200 $204000 $306000 $32000
Equipment/Staff Upgrade $1431500 $11900 $238000 $357000 $51,000
All Upgrades $1944500 $11900 $238000 $357000 $51500

As you can see, meth is a lucrative business in GTA Online. You can reach max profits by just getting the equipment and staff upgrades. The security upgrade does not yield you more profits but it does help prevent more attacks against your labs. But if you want to break even faster, you should forgo the security upgrades.

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