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All GTA Online Stash Houses Locations And How To Find Them

Everything you need to know about the stash house missions in GTA Online.
All GTA Online Stash Houses Locations And How To Find Them
UPDATE - The GTA Online Weekly Update from March 23 to 30 is rewarding players with 2x GTA$ on Stash Houses. 

GTA Online is a game that is full of surprises. On top of the drugs and weapons you can use in the game, you can also collect snowmen, become a taxi driver, and so much more. Of course, there are NPCs that you will often have to take out to make sure that you are developing your own plans further.

In the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC, there are a lot of new missions available in the game. You can collect new weapons and take part in the various random events that happen in the game. One of the more recent additions is the ability to raid a stash house to earn GTA$ or product.

If you're jumping back into the game, then here is everything you need to know about the Stash House missions in GTA Online. 

How To Start Stash House Raids In GTA Online

Raiding a stash house is actually much easier than you might think. You'll know that you're ready to start raiding a stash house because when you first approach one on the map, you'll receive a text from Gerald that reads:

You seeing these stash houses pop up around town, homie? That's some competition I don't need. Raid them and youll get a lil cash or supplies for your businesses if you running with one. An Ill get them mfs off my mind.

How To Find Stash House In GTA Online

Following your text from Gerald you should receive another pop-up in-game that reads:

"Stash Houses have begun operating out of Los Santos. Raid them each day to receive a reward."

This means the player can now encounter a stash house while in Free Mode once per real-time day.

Just keep an eye out for the Stash House icon on the map, which looks like a little purple house with crosshairs on it.

GTA Online Stash House
Players can find stash houses and break into them to collect some rewards. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

What Time Does The GTA Online Stash House Reset?

The Stash house is a daily event and that means once you do it, you cannot raid another stash house for the rest of the day. The location of the daily Stash House will change at the same time as the GTA Online Gun Van, at 06:00 UTC

GTA Online Stash House Rewards

Once you've found a Stash House, you'll need to break in and take out the dealers who are inside. Following that you'll need to break into the safe using the code found in the Stash House. Once you've eventually made a quick getaway you'll earn your rewards.

The rewards for completing Stash House missions are actually different depending on what businesses players own.

Normally a player will be rewarded with supplies for any player-owned business and random amounts of cash on top. The supplies could be for one of the following businesses:

However, if the player doesn't own any business, they will instead receive 1000RP and $30,000 directly.

GTA Online stash houses
Stash Houses are part of the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC update. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

All Stash House Locations in GTA Online

There are 25 possible locations where a Stash House could appear and although the order they appear is completely random, we've listed all GTA Online Stash House Locations just below so you know where to look:

  1. Vespucci - On Vitus Street
  2. La Puerta - On Mutiny Road
  3. West Vinewood - On Strangeways Drive
  4. Grand Senora Desert - The Farmhouse near Cat-Claw Avenue
  5. Sandy Shores - On Niland Avenue
  6. Downtown Vinewood - The Muscle Gymnasium on Clinton Avenue
  7. Little Seoul - Behind Save-A-Cent grocery store on Vespucci Boulevard
  8. Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness - The Altruist Camp, near Great Ocean Highway
  9. Chumash - The Hardware store on Great Ocean Highway
  10. Harmony - By the 24/7 convenience store near Route 68
  11. Mirror Park - Next to Mile High Organics on West Mirror Drive
  12. Grand Senora Desert - Next to the Thompson Scrapyard 
  13. Cypress Flats - Next to Vitreous at the intersection of Orchardville Avenue and El Rancho Boulevard
  14. Banning - At the Walker & Sons Warehouse
  15. Strawberry - The Pawn & Jewelry store between Strawberry Avenue and Innocence Boulevard
  16. Murrieta Heights - Next to Mom's Famous Tacos food vendor on El Rancho Boulevard
  17. Alta - Behind the Echo Rock Shopping Plaza
  18. Morningwood - The Weazel Morningwood movie theater
  19. Great Chaparral - Next to Cherry Pie Farm on Baytree Canyon Road
  20. Zancudo River - Bean Hardware Supplies off Route 68
  21. Galilee - Millar's Fishery Co, off Calafia Road on the north shore of the Alamo Sea
  22. Sandy Shores - An abandoned building near Joshua Road
  23. Grapeseed - The Rail Terminus near Union Road
  24. Grapeseed - Next to Lucky Jim's Ranch on Union Road
  25. Paleto Bay - By Clucking Bell Farms on Pyrite Avenue

Stash House Map Locations In GTA Online

Here's a map showing you all 25 possible Stash House locations in GTA Online.

GTA Online Stash House Locations
The Stash House randomly appears at 1 of 25 possible places on the in-game map. (Credit: GTAWeb.eu)

Where Is The Stash House In GTA Online Today? (February 2023)

As you can see from the map above, the Stash House has the potential to spawn pretty much anywhere across the whole map.

We've already listed all 25 possible Stash House locations, however, it's worth noting that unlike the GTA Online Gun Van, or GTA Online Street Dealers, there is no set daily location.

That's because each and every GTA Online player will have their own Stash House location whenever the player enters a Free Mode session.

So there is no specific location we can give you, it will entirely depend on your own session, and it will remain with you until the next daily reset for GTA Online.

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