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GTA Imani Tech Vehicles List (February 2024 UPDATE): All Cars and Upgrades

Everything you need to know about Imani Tech upgrades in GTA Online.
GTA Imani Tech Vehicles List (February 2024 UPDATE): All Cars and Upgrades
Rockstar Games

If you are hopping on GTA Online and want to improve your vehicles, you might want to get your hands on Imani Tech. This is a useful tool for you to bring your GTA Online experience to the next level. Keep reading for a list of all Imani Tech vehicles, how much it costs, and all the important car upgrade details you need to know about.

All Imani Tech Vehicles In GTA Online

What cars in GTA have Imani Tech? As of 15 February 2024 GTA Online has 17 vehicles that can use Imani Tech. There are also two cars we know will feature Imani Tech, but have not yet been released. Here is a list of cars that can purchase Imani Tech:
  1. Enus Jubilee
  2. Enus Diety
  3. Bravado Buffalo STX
  4. Bravado Greenwood
  5. Dewbauchee Champion
  6. Obey Omnis e-GT
  7. Mammoth Patriot Mil-Spec
  8. Declasse Granger 3600LX
  9. Annis 300R
  10. Ocelot Virtue
  11. Grotti Itali GTO Stinger TT
  12. Maibatsu MonstroCiti
  13. Penaud La Coureuse
  14. Bravado Buffalo EVX
  15. Grotti Turismo Omaggio (added Dec 2023 with GTA Online Chop Shop Update)
  16. Vapid Aleutian (added Dec 2023 with GTA Online Chop Shop Update)
  17. Balled ST-D (added 15 February 2024)
  18. Terminus (Not yet released)

GTA Online Imani Tech Vehicles Gallery

Just below in the gallery of images, you can take a look at all Imani Tech Vehicles currently available in GTA Online:

What Is Imani Tech In GTA Online

To put it simply, Imani Tech is vehicle upgrades. They are ways to boost the performance of your car. But Imani Tech is not something that will necessarily make your car faster.

Imani Tech is a defensive upgrade for your car, purchased from Imani, the game's new resident hacker. There are three different pieces of Imani Tech that you can put on your car, offering everything from armor plating to ways to disable homing missiles.

GTA Online Imani Tech
Imani Tech are vehicle upgrades made to help increase your car's defenses. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

All Imani Tech Upgrades

As mentioned, there are three different Imani Tech upgrades available to players:

Missile Lock-on Jammer

($400,000) – “Protects your Personal Vehicle from homing missile lock-on.”

Remote Control Unit

($235,000) – “Take control of your Personal Vehicle remotely” Control your car remotely and can even use car weapons while remote. Costs $235,000.

Out of Sight Service

($12,000) – Activates a 500m area where you will be hidden from the radar of other players”

Note - Players should note that you can only equip one Imani Tech upgrade at a time. So you can't equip the Missile Lock-on Jammer AND the Remote Control Unit together. So pick the one you think will be most useful for you. Personally, we think the missile lock-on jammer is arguably the best to help you avoid any Oppressor MK2 griefers.
Imani from GTA Online
Imani is an expert hacker working with Franklin Clinton at The Agency

How To Get Imani Tech Upgrades

First off, players need to have played The Contract expansion in GTA Online. Players cannot get Imani Tech without doing so.

As you progress through the DLC, players will soon meet the character Imani, a hacker working with Franklin Clinton. Eventually, players will get the option to purchase the Celebrity Solutions Agency.

Buy the Agency and then players will have to make one more purchase. You need to buy the vehicle workshop within the Agency before you can make the vehicle upgrades.

GTA Online Imani Tech
Only certain cars can have Imani Tech and each car can only have one piece of tech on them at a time. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

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