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All GTA Online Stunt Jump Locations

If you want to know where to find and how to complete all the stunt jump locations in GTA Online, we have the perfect guide for you.
All GTA Online Stunt Jump Locations
In GTA Online, the ability to drive at fast speeds and do large jumps with your car is one of the main appeals for many players who log into the game. Many players who enjoy GTA Online want to test the limits of their new cars, and to do so, they drive as fast as they can and do very high and long jumps around the map.
That is why players like these should check out the stunt jumps that are in GTA Online. Although it is subtle, there are many stunt jumps in GTA Online that are there to give players who drive through them a bit of air. If you want to know where these stunt jump locations are so you can drive your cars through them, then we are here to help.

Where Are The Stunt Jumps In GTA Online?

You will need a fast car or a motorcycle to complete stunt jumps in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)
In GTA Online, Rockstar has placed 50 different stunt jump locations on the map. They are not all obvious and are actually hidden pretty well if you do not know what you are looking for. On top of that, you have to land the correct way to have the stunt jump to be considered a success. Here we have a map of where all the Stunt Jumps are on in GTA Online:
As you can see, a large majority of the stunt jumps are actually in the main city of GTA Online. But there are stunt jumps all over the map. Down below, we have a list of all the stunt jumps in GTA Online and what you need to do to complete them:
Description Of Jump Area Of Jump Landing Requirements
The trash container is on the right side of the eastern entrance to the airport. LSIA Clear the fence and land past the gates.
The "Prepare for Takeoff" Weeny Issi advertising ramp on New Empire Way LSIA Parking lot or road.
The "Prepare for Takeoff" Weeny Issi advertising ramp on New Empire Way LSIA Land on the top of the western parking building.
Los Santos State Gas Company, south of Dutch London Street Bridge, broken wall. Banning Over the eastern mouth of the LS Storm Drain onto the dirt bank.
Chum Street, a dirt pile south of the bridge there. Elysian Island

Land on Chum Street.

Trailer ramp over the water on the dock edge Elysian Island Land between the cranes of the opposite dock.
Trailer ramp west of Signal Street Elysian Island Land on Signal Street
Trailer ramp on the southwest corner of Berth 57 Building Elysian Island Land on the Berth 58-59-60 building roof.
Trailer ramp east side of Voodoo Place Elysian Island Near the gas silos.
The trailer ramp near Bristols Coke Storage north of Elysian Fields and is parallel to the rail bridge Elysian Island Jump over the water to the gas storage.
A dirt pile. Los Santos Naval Port Go over the rail tracks to Terminal
A concrete pile. Terminal

Over the water and Buccaneer Way, all the way to the rail tracks next to Abattoir Avenue.

Iron and wood pallets southwest of the Car Scrapyard. El Burro Heights Land without crashing your car.
Construction ramp on the top of the car parking building. Rancho Over the Davis Sheriff's Station impound lot and land on Innocence Boulevard.
Construction ramp on the top of the hospital car parking lot. Strawberry Davis Avenue or Little Bighorn Avenue
Sprunk ramp at the Get Aweigh boat sales yard at Adam's Apple Boulevard. Strawberry Olympic Freeway
Construction girders and steel plates in the middle of the freeway near the LS Storm Drain. La Puerta Freeway La Puerta Freeway, land on southbound lanes.
Parking lot above Ammu-Nation at Elgin Avenue.. Pillbox Hill Land at the alleyway on Power Street
LS Storm Drain under La Puerta Freeway. La Puerta Higgins Helitours at Vespucci Helipad.
LS Storm Drain, north bank. La Puerta Over the channel to the grassland.
Construction of stone pile and steel plates at Innocence Boulevard. La Puerta Freeway Over Innocence Boulevard to the opposite ramp.
Construction, southbound at top of the flyover to join Olympic Freeway. Olympic Freeway To the Southbound off-ramp at Innocence Boulevard
Ramp on the north side of the Korean Plaza on Calais Avenue. Little Seoul Palomino Avenue
Through the middle of the Korean Pavilion, westbound on Vespucci Boulevard. Vespucci Canals South Rockford Drive
Westbound on Bay City Incline over a natural grass ramp above the freeway tunnel entrance on the beach side of the road. Del Perro Del Perro Freeway
Westbound on Playa Vista through The Jetty, up steps, and off the balcony. Pacific Bluffs Near West Eclipse Boulevard
Collapsed Pibwasser billboard on top of the San Andreas Parking Counsel building, eastbound. Pillbox Hill Over Peaceful Street to the courtyard north of Schlongberg Sachs Center
Broken upper junction above San Andreas Avenue on Upper Power Street. Pillbox Hill Land on San Andreas Avenue.
The junction of the Los Santos Freeway and Del Perro Freeway East Vinewood Los Santos River
Broken Railing at the stairway on the southside of Pillbox Hill Medical Center on Elgin Avenue Textile City Strawberry Avenue
A sand pile on the freeway overpass north of the Arcadius Business Center Downtown Los Santos Del Perro Freeway
A small steel plate ramp on the south end of the Del Perro Freeway. Del Perro Freeway Over four eastbound lanes onto westbound lanes
Through the Rockford Plaza Burton Carcer Way
Through the Los Santos Public Library Rockford Hills Eastbourne Way
A parking building entry ramp on the corner of Rockford Drive west of Boulevard Del Perro Rockford Hills Portola Drive or Boulevard Del Perro Intersection
Steel plates on a concrete pipe at the end of the road on Mad Wayne Thunder Drive Richman Picture Perfect Drive or Hardy Way intersection
A dirt ramp on the south side of Baytree Canyon Road Great Chaparral The Natural Gully or dry creek bed
A dirt rise. RON Alternatives Wind Farm Over the rail line onto Interstate4
A broken Armco barrier southbound on Interstate 1 Grand Senora Desert Under the Interstate 1 flyover
A natural hill overseeing the jail Bolingbroke Penitentiary Land on the prison grounds.
A natural rise north from the private road. Sandy Shores Airfield Next to the airfield runway.
Wood and iron in a dumpster shaped like a ramp. Sandy shores Over the motel building landing next to the empty swimming pool
Natural dirt rise north side of the sea Alamo Sea On North Calafia Way
A natural stone ramp south side of Cassidy Creek Raton Canyon On Raton Pass over the gully
A broken wooden bridge northeast of Procopio Promenade Paleto Bay Northside of the bridge
A dirt and rubble rise at the Paleto Construction Company site Paleto Bay Alleys behind Ray's Electronics
Southside of Ursula's house on a natural rise looking at the lighthouse Mount Gordo Land on the El Gordo Lighthouse Island
These are all the locations for the various stunt jumps in GTA Online. If a list is a bit too confusing, we highly recommend watching this guide by GUNT1T123 on YouTube as he goes over exactly what you need to do to complete all the Stunt Jumps in GTA Online.

What Rewards Do You Get For Completing All The Stunt Jumps?

The main reason why you would want to do the Stunt Jumps is actually for an Achievement. If you want to get all the achievements in the game, you have to do at least 25 out of the 50 Stunt Jumps in GTA Online. On top of that, those who are interested in Taxi Liveries should also be interested in completing all the Stunt Jumps.

Players have reported that if you complete 10 Stunt Jumps while doing at least 50 Taxi Fares, you will get a Downtown Cab Company Livery for both the Classique Broadway and the Willard Eudora.

GTA Online Stunt Jumps
Players who want taxi liveries should be interested in completing the stunt jumps. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

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